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Dear Parents, Guardians, and Students:

     On this website you will find all assignments, lesson of the day, and more. You can also download images used in class. When a student has been absent or missed an assignment it can be easily found whether they are at school or by any computer outside of school. There will be no reason to have any incomplete work when a student has been absent. Please read my policy on homework. There is never a moment when a student will not know what homework they need to make up. All homeworks, reports, projects, and exams MUST be made up when a student is absent.

        I hope my students enjoy what they will learn in my class and that the parents and/or guardians can be involved in their growth during this process. The students all know about this site as I've notified them in school as to how to use it to their benefit. Located in the classroom is also a "Homework Reminder". It is a calendar where each day the homework is recorded. It will show an entire months worth of homework. So, if anyone missed a day, they can find it on that board too. Enjoy. 

    Good luck and have a great school year!


                                                                          Mrs. Nieves

                                                                          Science Teacher

PS: You can see diagrams and images that will be on your state exam at: Look for the tab that says: Teacher Webpages. Click on my name and you will see a tab for Study Helper.

Science Fair Projects

Due Date: To be announced.

Please honor your due dates.

Display board and two page report with cover and reference page are to be brought in on the due date given. NO later. Do not bring in physical model unless you are  chosen for the regional science fair.

Oral presentations will be done that week, daily.

If special considerations need to be addressed, please see me after class and I will see what I can do to accommidate you.

No changing of the topic unless you have spoken with me about it.

Thank you.

Report Cards

To Be Announced!