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Lessons and Information:

Welcome to my Science Encore Class!

 We'll focus mainly on animals, global warming,

and ecology for the entire year.

Important Information:

We will use the library occasionally for research and studies based on a lesson.

We may also go out onto school grounds for research studies.

Students will be given homework and will be required to bring in information when requested for certain assignments. 

Students will receive a grade on their report cards for this class.

Grades are based on participation, classwork, projects, reports, conduct, and homework.


 1. We are learning about scientific method , how to do experimentation, and research studies.

2. We are discussing animal care. Students will be creating a "How To" brochure to present to class and "teach" their peers how to care for their pets. Those students who do not have a pet are to choose an animal they would like to possibly have in the future and do a brochure on that animal after doing research on that pet.

3. Endangered and threatened species. Bring in 4 or 5 pictures of animals who are endangered and 4 or 5 pictures of animals who are threatened and we will work with it in class. You may cut and paste  information from the computer. It is fine.