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Homework -- when students have been absent

  • When a student is out because of illness or any event, they are required to get the work that they missed for all their classes and make it up in a reasonable amount of time when they return. Where possible, have your children get a phone number or two of classmates to call for missing homeworks when they are absent.
  • Many students are still unaware of this policy. Inform your child.
  • Please make sure your child gets the work they missed. It is very important they not miss anything which might possibly be included on a future test.
  • Missing homeworks also count negatively toward the report card grade.
  • Any reports or projects MUST also, always be made up and not forgotten.
  • All students have every opportunity to get the makeup homework from the teacher, class website, peers, and the homework reminder calendar located in the classroom.

                           Thank you kindly.

                                           Be well! 




Textbooks are due back in June.

Since we shall be doing home work at times as classwork in school, please bring in textbooks on date advised.

Students will then use them to study in class for final exam.

Study all notes from September too. It is wise to save all notebooks from September to use as study guides for all tests, midterm and final exam. As well as for their state exam.


Statewide Exams - DATES

  • To BE Announced!