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Ms. Nieves' Simple Rules To Follow

  1. In this room, there is no gum chewing, eating, candy, or drinking.
  2. I do allow water in times of dire need.
  3. Do not get up when the bell rings. The bell is only for me to dismiss you when I am ready. Never get up and go to the doors.
  4. Windows: Never go near them. Students never have my permission to open them.
  5. Papers: Do not get up to throw it away during my lesson. Hold onto it until after class. Remove all papers and trash from your area on your way out.
  6. Raise your hand. I will listen only to polite requests. Do not yell out.
  7. No cursing or swearing. Ladies and gentlemen use civilized words to speak or to express themselves.
  8. Be respectful to yourself, others, and your teachers.
  9. I do not give passes to anywhere or anybody unless it is an extreme emergency. You need appointments to see teachers, deans, assistant principals, and counslors. 
  10.  This classroom is like a home away from home. Treat this home with kindness and respect. You are among friends. Enjoy yourself and have a wonderful day.

 Thank you.

Ms. Nieves

Warnings, calls home, letters home.....

1. On the first and second infraction/incident I will call your home/work to speak with you regarding my concerns about your child.

2. Next, I will send letters home advising you the areas in which your child's work or behavior is unsatisfactory/needs improvement.

3. If issues still arise, I shall call you to have you come in and meet with myself, your child's other teachers,  and possibly an assistant principal or the principal about concerns regarding your child.

Please remind your children that I run a very structured classroom and if they follow the rules of the room, they shall do quite wonderfully. Every attempt possible is made to help your child be successful.

Let's work together to make it happen. Thank you.