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Science Fair - Exit Project - DUE: To BE Announced


This project is manditory in order to graduate.

Please make sure you do it.

Project is due: To Be Announced!

TOPIC DUE: To BE Announced.

Class project presentations will be held during the week of (TO BE Announced).

Schoolwide Science Fair: To Be Announced!

Regional Science Fair: To Be Announced!!


Pick out a topic given out on the Science Fair Project handouts. If you wish to do one that is not listed, it must be presented to Mrs. Nieves for approval.

NO human testing or animal testing allowed.

NO growth of bacteria or fungus allowed.

On your project due date, your project display board and two-page report with reference page and cover page are due.

*You must have a two-page report.

*It must have a reference page and cover.

Do not throw out your experiement. It may be necessary to bring it in if you are chosen for the school-wide science fair and the regional fair.

You must follow the Scientific Method Process. (September notes and also located in your text book)

Any questions, please ask Mrs. Nieves.

Most of all...pick a topic you are interested in.

Make it fun and .... LOVE it!!!!


8th grade - Projects Due:

8th Grade:


7th grade - Projects Due

7th Grade:  To be announced.