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Fall Newsletter

Dear Parents,

I'm so excited to have your child in school this year! It has been an amazing year of growth for the Act 89 program in my schools. I am now equipped with a Smart Board at each of my schools, and I have a school iPad and my own personal iPad (With wi-fi at Shalom!). This will make teaching/learning even more fun for the myself and the students. 

In Seminar we will be starting out the year with several weeks of physics lessons based around the iPad app Angry Birds. We will be learning about trajectory, gravity, friction, velocity, and acceleration. We will also be graphing the trajectory of our birds and using it in the real life game!

I will be sending home letters in the month of October about a Reading Open House for parents of students in the Act 89 Reading program to visit our classroom or schedule a time to meet with me. Parent Involvement is crucial for reading success, and I really want you to be a part of your child's learning process. Please keep an eye out for that letter!

I hope everyone has a fabulous Back-to-School season!


Mrs. Brandt 

Websites for Mrs. Brandt's Schools


If you are looking to send your child to a summer institute, please check out the following website! Many different college programs are featured. This is the website for Carnegie Mellon University's summer gifted program.

COLLEGE CLASSES/Programs at Johns Hopkins

Here is a link to the Johns Hopkins website.  It is possible to take distance education college courses if your child is eligible.  Please email me if you are interested in your child taking an online course.