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Ancient Egypt Websites


Energy Conservation Websites for Seminar


Election Websites for Kids

Websites for Seminar

I have compiled a list of websites that will hopefully be helpful to parents and students in the seminar program.  Please feel free to surf and learn!


Science Fair Websites:

JAN CLEAVE'S SCIENCE FAIR HANDBOOK is located at the following link:

Franklin County Science Fair Website:


Spanish webistes:


  • AP College Board
  • periodic table
  • Petroleum, Food, and Nuclear Chemistry
  • Chemical Heritage Foundation
  • ACS website
  • Franklin County Science Fair
  • National Mole Day Foundation
  • science cartoons
  • The ChemCollective
  • PennTrackXC
  • The Inside Track

     Cool Websites

  • - Visit the White House online!

  • Easy through Evil Level Sudoku puzzles, free, on-line!
  • Contests, activities, multi-subject site.
  • Math challenges for all ages.
  • Weekly math brain teasers by grade level.
  • Interview a grandparent or grandfriend for an essay contest. Details at this site.
  • Youth book reviews.
  • teasers, articles, images, games, etc. ...all about the brain
  • Go to Links for Kids to find sites about all subject areas!
  • A site to encourage girls in the world of science, but there's something for anyone at this site, science related.
  • Via Drexel University, good math challenge site. Try the Problem of the Week in various math areas: Geometry, Pre-Algebra, Algebra, General Math...submit an answer and check back later for posted solutions. Some of these are tough!
  • optical illusion tours
  • Everyday applications to optics with a section on optical illusions
  • illusions and articles
  • Artwork of M.C. Escher including his illusions and tessellations
  • All about chess, too.
  • Work through the site for various tips about money, checks, budgeting, investing, etc.
  • Biotechnology poster winners last year...take a look!
  • Under the Earning, Investing, Saving and Spending section, try the Play the Stock Market Game and Moneyopolis for Middle School Students
  • Check out the Chess Challenges!
  • competition...see site for examples of the kind of projects that may be submitted
  • Factmonster
  • Puzzlemaker Make your own word searches
  • Weekly Reader for teachers and students
  • Scholastic games