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DRA Correlation Sheet

If you would like to translate your child's DRA level to a grade level, please use the chart below.


Grade Level      (basal) DRA Level    (Joetta Beaver) Guided Reading Level Reading Recovery Level
Kindergarten A                         1                        2 A                      B 1                        2
Pre-Primer 3                        4                       6-8 C                      D                      E  3-4                   5-6                   7-8
Primer 10                     12 F                      G 9-10                 11-12
1st Grade 14                     16 H                        I 13-14               15-16
2nd Grade 18-20                24-28 J -K                      L-M 17-20              21-24
3rd Grade 30                   34-38 N                      O-P 24-25               25-28
4th Grade 40 Q-R 29-31
5th Grade 44   32-44

Reading Log

Act 89 Reading Log                        Name: ______________________________________



(Teacher use only)

Parent Signature




















































Phonemic Awareness

Please visit the following websites for more about phonemic awareness and for PA activities!

Working with your child at home

Obviously, many parents would like to work with their child at home, but do not feel adequate or that they have enough resources.  I have tried to compile information and links on my site to help you feel more confident helping your child at home.  The first thing you need to do is get materials! materials! materials!


Leapfrog has AWESOME DVD's and materials to teach children to read.  The three DVD's I use with students are:

The Letter Factory (learning letters)

The Talking Words Factory (learning how to read three letter words)

The Code Word Caper (learning how to read long vowel words)



Sight Words

These are some AWESOME websites to help learn about sight words!