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Terri Albuquerque

March/April Topics

  • place-value of decimal numbers
  • rounding/comparing/ordering decimals
  • adding/subtracting decimals
  • finding the rule and the missing term in a sequence with decimals
End of March/Beginning of April
  • multiplying decimals by powers of ten
  • multiplying decimals by 1 and 2 digit factors
  • dividing decimals by powers of ten
  • dividing decimals by 1 and 2 digit divisors
  • divisibilty rules/finding the GCF/reducing fractions
  • finding the LCM/adding fractions with unlike denominators

May Topics

  • multiplying fractions
  • dividing fractions
  • creating and interpreting line plots
  • graphing ordered pairs on a coordinate gride
more to come!

June Topics