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Melanie Dickie

Sept. 7th - 10th

Reflection: Our 1st week went fantastic!  We spent a lot of our time doing "Getting to know each other" activities.  We also went over all of the classroom rules and procedures very thoroughly (practice makes perfect!).  We are off to a great start.

Focus:  This week we will focus on the word "kind" and being a good citizen.  We will also discuss feelings through books and art projects.  This will be our final week of assessments so we can place students in their math and reading blocks.

Homework:  This week's homework is to read each night for at least 20 minutes (be sure to fill out reading calendar).  Also, practice sight words and completing good citizen goals.  Goal sheets are due Friday.

***Those of you who have not yet turned in a completed student information sheet (handed out the 1st day of school) please turn that in to me ASAP.


September 14th - September 17th

Last week our class did an excellent job practicing being KIND.  We also learned all about good citizenship and began discussing the project topic "family."

This week we are focusing on our weekly word - LISTENING.  The students have already learned, through todays activities of interviewing and the telephone game, how much effort must actually be put into being a good listener.  We will continue to work on this all week and it will be tied in with our character trait "Respect."

For those of you that missed it, the President delivered his 2nd Back to School speech this morning.  I did have our class view the speech live via the internet and then we discussed the big message that was being delivered to them.  Education is the key to success...always try your best...and most of all DREAM BIG AND WORK HARD.  We made big posters about this last one and I think you will find your child's big dreams impressive when you view them at Back to School night.

I sent home a weekly note stating that we begin switching classes tomorrow, Wednesday the 15th.  During our math and reading block your child may remain with me or be switched into another 1/2 teacher's class for that time frame.  These classes are designated by animals and your child will have a card to tell them which animal group they belong to.  The animal groups and their corresponding teachers may be found on the 1/2 weekly newletter.  Please note that it is up to each math and reading teacher to decide how they would like homework conducted in their class so look to them for that information.  I will be posting my math and reading homework assignments and updates on this website. I will only be posting any social studies or science homework for my homeroom class. 


*The only assignment is the apple survey sheet which is due Friday. (We are beginning a 2 week apple unit for social studies and science)

IMPORTANT - If anyone is planning on including food that they would like to share with the class for their project presentation, please note that I have a student allergic to nuts and one allergic to fructose so I must know if either of those are present in your dishes AHEAD of time.

PS-I am waiting to get approval from everyone to have student pictures back on the website so hopefully I will have that up soon!  I love looking at pictures of them so I am sure you all get a joy out of it too!

Thank you so much for all that you do!