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This Week:


Reading Focus of the Week: To summarize text in one complete sentence with the three most important details in a series. 

*Be sure to LOG your daily reading in your agenda's reading log! 

** 2 WOLVE- READING books need to be approved, read and tested on by 10/24! Ask your son/ daughter to see thier log and see their progress to date. Wink

Monday- Unit 4 pretest, summarizing introduction and text of 3 important details from weekend complete. 

Tuesday: Unit 4 spelling study, summarizing activity, reading log +15 min. silent read

 Wednesday:  Unit 4 spelling study, summarizing activity, reading log +15 minutes silent read

Thursday  Unit 4 spelling study, summarizing activity, reading log +15 min. silent read

Friday:  Unit 4 spelling test in class, summarizing mini assessment



*Homework depends on each student's literacy choice of the day.Please see your child's agenda to determine HW vs. in class literacy practice for each day.




...Be sure to a.) Read 20 minutes a night

        b.) Create a plan for what you would like to read and be challenged by new topics

*Remember- AR goals are based on a 20 minute day calculation. Point goals are indivualized and are based on STAR test reading level ranges. These ranges are considered recommendations for success in buildling comprehension and vocabulary. I encourage students to read books of high interest-even if they are above their indivudual reading range. In addition, if a book is a part of series, considered a classic novel, and/ or is part of our Caudill Book Program- reading ranges do not apply. Students needs to explore all books - making the act of reading a "want" rather than a "need."Smile




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