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Course 7: MS Excel ← Back to All Pages

Mr Lord. M.Ed.

Chapter 3

Chap 3 Learning Objectives:
Copy data to other cells
Move data to other cells
Insert and delete columns and rows
Freeze titles
Use print options when printing a worksheet
Check the spelling of words in a worksheet.

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Project 3-1

Chapter 4

Chap 4 Learning Objectives:
Enter and edit formulas
Distinguish between relative, absolute and mixed cell references
Use the AtoSum button and the point and click method to enter formulas
Display formulas in teh worksheet
Perform immediate and delayed calculations.

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Project 4-1
Project 4-2
Project 4-4
Project 4-5
Activity 4-1

Chapter 5.

Learning Objectives:
Identify the parts of a function formula
Use function formulas to solve mathematical problems
Use function formulas to solve statistical problems
Use function formulas to solve financial problems
Use function formulas to insert times and dates in a worksheet
Use logical function formulas to make decisions with worksheet data.

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Fill in BlanK
Activity 5-1
Activity 5-3

Chapter 6

Learning Objectives:
Sort data in a worksheet
Use the AutoFilter to extract needed data from the worksheet
Hide worksheet columns or rows
Use Draw in the worksheet
Insert a picture in a worksheet
Use Excel templates to format a worksheet
Insert a hyperlink in a worksheet file
Save an Excel file in a different format
Add and edit comments
Create and respond to discussion comments.

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Project 6-1 - Part 1.

Chapter 7

Learning Objectives:
Name worksheets in a workbook.
Color worksheet tabs.
Change the position of a worksheet.
Insert and delete worksheets in a workbook
Link data between worksheets
Create three dimensional references
Print workbooks and portions of workbooks.

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Project 7-2

Chapter 8

Learning Objectives:
Identify the purpose of charting worksheet data
Identify the types of worksheet charts
Create a chart sheet and save a chart
Switch between charts and worksheets, zoom, and rename a chart
Preview and print a chart
Create an embedded chart
Edit a chart and change the type of chart.

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Project 8-3
Project 8-5

MS Excel Unit Review

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Project 4.