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Course 5: MicroSoft Word Expert ← Back to All Pages

Mr Lord. M.Ed.

Day One

Day One:

  1. Class List.
  2. Logging in to Network
  3. Saving to Network 
  4. Printer Settings
  5. Acceptable Use Policy
  6. Fire Alarm Rules
  7. Load Data Files
  8. Clean Computers - Hand Sanitizer available.

Chapter 9

Learning Objectives for Chapter 9.
Sorting a column list.
Sorting multiple column lists.
Sort paragraphs.
Sort a table.
Create calculations in tables.
Update calculations in tables.
Create formulas in tables.

Complete :
All step by step instructions.
True / False
Fill in Blank.
Project 9-2.
Add a "Total" column to the right of the "March" column. Find the total sales for each item. Sort the table by "Item Totals" in descending order.

Chapter 10

Learning Objectives for Chapter 10.
Center and AutoFit a table.
Adjust column width and row height manually.
Convert text to a table.
Insert, delete, and move rows and columns.
Merge and split table cells.
Add custom table borders and shading.
Change the direction and alignment of text in a table cell.
Link and embed and Excel worksheet into a Word document.
Create and modify a chart.
Import Excel worksheet data into a chart.

Tasks to complete:
All step by step instructions.
True / False
Fill in the Blanks
Project 10-2
Project 10-3

Chapter 11

Learning Objectives for Chapter 11.

Identify a manin document and source document.
Insert merge fields into the main document
Preview, merge, and print form documents
Create an new data source
Edit, sort, and filter data souce records
Prepare mail merge documents for labels and envelopes
Use merge features t ocreate catalogs and directories.

All step by step instructions
Fill in the Blank
Project 11-1
Project 11-3
Project 11-5

Chapter 12

Learning Objectives for Chapter 12

Create a banner
Create a combination of multicolumn formats
Delete section breaks
Change and copy section formats
Keep text in columns together
Format nonbreaking spaces and nonbreaking hyphens
Find and replace formats, special characters, and nonprinting elements

Chap 12 Step by Steps
Fill in Blanks
Project 12-2

Chapter 13

Learning Objectives for Chapter 13

Insert and crop a graphic
Wrap text around a graphic
Position a graphic precisely
Create a watermark
Create page borders.
Create a sidebar.
Apply shading to paragraphs and sections of text.
Create a pull quote.
Change the orientation of text in a text box.
Repeat text box contents on multiple pages.
Create drop caps.
Use AutoShapes to create objects.
"Round-trip" documents from Word to HTML format back inoto Word.

Chapter 13 Step by Step
True / False
Fill in the Blank

Chapter 14

Learning Objectives:

Move or copy text between documents.
Format text flow options
Create and edit styles
Reveal formatting t overify paragraph formats
Clear formats
Navigate through a document using the Document map
Create footnotes and endnotes
Revise footnotes and endnotes.

Step by Step activities
True / False
Fill in Blank
Project 14-3

Chapter 15

Learning Objectives:

Set the default file location for workgroup templates
Add comments to the file properties of a document
Route documents
Create multiple versions of a document
Track changes in a document
Merge revisions from multiple documents
Review and accept/reject changes
Compare documents
add and edit comments to a document
Protect a document
Create and edit a master document
Attach a digital signature to a document

Step by Step activities
True / False

Chapter 16

Learning Objectives:

Create and format a printed form document
Insert symbols and enhance printed forms with borders and shading
Create and mdify an online form template using form controls
INsert online form fields for text boxes, check boxes and drop-down lists
INsert a table onto a form
Format responses in text form fields
Add help text for an online form
Protect and online form
Fill in an online form
Open, save, and edit Web documents.

True / False
Fill in the Blank
Project 16-1

Chapter 17 + Chapter 18 + Unit Review

Chap 17 Learning objectives:

Create a personal template
Attach you personal template to a document
Customize toolbars
Create a custom menu
Create a macro
Create a toolbar button to run a macro
Edit a macro
Copy, rename and delete a macro
Use a macro to create a template
Set autocorrect exceptions
Create a custom dictionary

Step by step
Fill in Blank

Chap 18 Learning Objectives:
Identify index entries
Indicate a range of pages for an index entry
Create an index entry for a cross-reference
Compile an index
Create and compile a table of contents using heading styles
Create and compile a table of contents using fields
Format a first page differently from subsequent pages
Update table of contents
Insert captions
Create a table of figures
Create a table of authorities

Step by Step
Fill in the blank.

Unit Review - Complete:
Multiple Choice
Project 1
Project 3
Job 1
Job 2
Job 3 (do not print).
Job 4.

Congratulations - you have now finished the coursework for the Expert Level MS Word course. Laughing