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Course 4: MS PowerPoint ← Back to All Pages

Mr Lord. M.Ed.

Personal Presentation

Tips on delivering a successful presentation:

Read Chapter 1.

Complete step by steps on Chapter 1.

Complete Multiple Choice and Fill in the Blank at the end of Chapter 1 page IP-13

Chapter 2

Read Chapter 2.

Complete the Step by Steps in Chapter 2.

Complete the "Matching" questions at the end of Chapter 2.

Chapter 3

Learning Objectives:
Build and modify an organization chart
Build and modify charts
Create and modify tables within PowerPoint
Draw an object
Add shapes and apply formatting
Rotate and fill and object
Scale and size an object
Create a text box.

Chap 3 Step by Step
True / False
Multiple Choice

Chap 4

Learning Objectives:
Integrate PowerPoint with other Office programs
Work with mutiple presentations
Replace text fonts in an entire presentation
Use the Format Painter
Deliver a presentation
Change the output format
Publish a presentation to the Web
Send a presentation via e-mail

Step by Steps.
Fill in Blanks 
Complete Project 4-2

Intro PPT Unit Review

True / False
Multiple Choice.
Project 1
Project 2
Project 3
Project 4

Chapter 5.

Special Note - Skip Step 5.7 and 5.8

Learning Objectives:
Find and replace text in a slide show
Adjust text spacing using tabs and indents
Insert symbols
Number paragraphs automatically
Modify fonts for an entire presentation
Add a text box
Create and modify a macro
Insert a hyperlink
Create a summary slide

Step by Step
Project 5-1

Chapter 6

Learning Objectives:
Insert a table on a slide
Modify the table format
Insert an Excel worksheet on a slike
Create and modify data charts
Create and modify an organization chart

Step by Step
True / False
Fill in the Blanks
Project 6-1


Chap 7

Learning Objectives:
Insert and modify clip art
Use the drawing tools to create simple drawings
Insert pictures and scanned images on slikes
Insert sound objects on slikes
Insert video clips on slides

Step by Step
True / False
Fill in the Blank
Project 7-1
Project 7-2


Chap 8

Special Note: Complete the Step by Step up to 8.6 only.

Learning Objectives:
Customize a color scheme
Modify the slide background
Create custom slide masters
Create a custom show
Customize toolbars
Customize animation options
Create a new design template
Customize a Web presentation

Step by Step up to 8.6
True / False
Fill in the Blanks

Chaps 9, 10 and Unit Review

Chap 9 Learning Objectives:
Create slides from a Word outline
Import slides into a presentation from another presentation
Share data among the Office XP applications
Export an outline to Word
Send PowerPoint presentations to others
Specify output options.

Chap 9 Complete:
Step by Step (Skip 9.3 and 9.6)
True / False
Project 9-1
Project 9-2

Chap 10 Learning Objectives:
Hide slides
Set slide timings and rehearse timings
Add action buttons to slides and specify action settings
Record narration for a presentation
Use on-screen navigation tools during teh presentation
Annotate slides during the presentation
Use Meeting Minder during a presentation to take notes and assign tasks
Set up online broadcasts and collaborate online with others in a group
Pack a presentation to be viewed on another computer

Chap 10 Complete:
Step by Step (Skip step 10.6)
True / False
Fill in Blanks

Unit Review:
Multiple Choice
Project 4