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Course 2: MicroSoft Word ← Back to All Pages

Mr Lord. M.Ed.

Welcome to MS Office

Day One:

  1. Class List.
  2. Logging in to Network
  3. Saving to Network 
  4. Printer Settings
  5. Acceptable Use Policy
  6. Fire Alarm Rules

Middle States Goals:
Students will improve their performance on Standards 1.1, 1.2, and 1.3: Comprehension, Reading Skills, and Reading, Analyzing and Interpreting literature.

Students will improve their performance on Standard 2.5: Mathmetical Reasoning and Communication.

Building Climate Goal
Improve the sense of ownership of school climate and school pride (administrators, teachers, support staff, students and parents), regarding self, other people, property, school and community.
Student Examples:

Online Resources:

MicroSoft Office Specialist Certification:


Teenage Web Safety and Etiquette.

Introduction to Computers and the Internet.

What can this class do for me?

What can this class do for me?

Cittone Institute Web Site
MOS Video
MOS Certification
MOS Web Quest From MicroSoft.

Pennsylvania Institute of Technology

MOS Web Quest From MicroSoft.

FBLA Recruitment:


MOS Pre-testing.
Students will take a MOS prep test to establish current computer skills level.

Computer Terms:

CPU Worksheet (Photocopy)

    • Input Devices

    • Output Devices

    • Storage Devices

    • Software

    • Communication

    • Search Engines

    • Browsers

    • Operating Systems

Vocabulary Scavanger Hunt. (



Discussion Topics:

Wild Card
Boolean Logic
Ebsco / Sirs - Online databases
Narrow Search - quotation marks.
Packet Switching
Operating Systems
Web Browsers
Search Engines

Ram / Rom
IP Address

Internet - Friend or Foe
Review PowerPoint Handout.

Using the Internet for Research Video

Introduction to Office XP
Introduction to Office XP (I-IN-3)
Understanding Opening Screen: Fig 1-2 + Table 1-1 page I-IN-5
Using Menus and Toolbars
Saving a File (Network Folder)
Filenames (Table 1-2) page I-IN-9
Shortcuts for loading recently used files....
Office Help
Answer Wizard
Office Assistant
Quitting an Application
Accessing the Internet
Web Toolbar - Fig 1-17 (page I-IN-17)
Office Help

T/F Questions.

Intro Jeopardy.

Quiz + Screen Shots + Multiple Choice.


MLA Format:
Discuss critical elements

Research Paper Topics:

Search Engines - Definition, Examples, Market Share, Usefulness, etc...
Resources - Internet articles, Classroom books, Personal Experience.

Identity Theft- Phishing, definition, Description, Examples, How to Protect Yourself etc..
Resources - WSJ Classroom Edition, Internet Articles, Mr Lord's examples.

How the Internet Works- History, Definition, Infrastructure (Servers, TCP/IP, IP addresses, information packets), Browsers, Accessing etc....
Resources - Classroom Books, Internet articles,

E-Commerce - History, examples, statistics, good site / bad site, credibility issues.
Resources - WSJ Classroom Edition,, Interview Mr. Lord.

Wireless Internet - History, benefits, Technology, examples (Starbucks, Philadelphia)
Resources - Internet articles, Classroom books, Personal Experience

Google Docs - Define, mention benefits etc.

Blackberry or IPhone? - target audience, differences, similarities.

Viruses and Virus Protection - Definitions of different types of Virus, how we get them, examples, cost to users / economy, how we recognize them, how we stop them.

Online Predators; Wacko's and Wierdo's - Chat rooms dangers, tactics, real world stories.

Classroom Blogging - Definition, how can it help, how to do it, real examples.

The Net Neutrality Debate - Definition, stakeholders, winners / losers.

File Sharing - ITunes, LimeWire, BearShare, Kazaa, Singing Fish, Napster. Ipods, podcasts, video.

You Tube - Features, why is it the best, why did Google buy it, how much for?

Facebook - Social networking, reach, advertising.

FBLA Topics
Business Calculations

Business Ethics

Business Math

Business Presentation

Computer Applications


Public Speaking

Virtual Business Software

Website Development

Word Processing 1

Word Processing 2

MS Excel.




Word Chapter 1

Viewing the Document Screen - Page 4
Saving a File - Ctrl + S and Creating a New Folder
Print Preview - Page 10
Print Preview Toolbar - Page 11
Printing your document - Page 12 / Print button on Standard Toolbar.
Page Orientation - Page 14 - Portrait / Landscape

Quiz T/F

Word Chapter 2


Word Chapter 3

Learning objectives for Chapter 3.

AutoText              - Insert Auto Text
AutoComplete      - Guesses words from pre-programmed and common use list.
AutoCorrect         - Corrects common spelling mistakes.
Spell check           - Red line
                             - Automatic Spell Check
Grammar              - Green line
Thesaurus             - Synononyms and Antonyms (for some words only).
Find and Replace  - Find multiple instances of a word a replace with another word.

Read the chapter paying particular attention to the above mentioned areas. Complete the Step by Step sections beginning on page IW-35. The data files you require are located in your folder on the school network.

All step by step instructions
Chap 3 - Fill in the Blanks.
Chap 3 - Matching


Word Chapter 4

Learning Objectives:
Apply different fonts and font styles to your text.
Change the size and color of your text.
Use different underline styles and fint effects.
Highlight text.
Change the case of your text.
Copy formats using the Format Painter.

Chapter 4 Step by Step

Word Chapter 5

Learning Objectives:
Set the margins of a document.
Align text.
Adjust indents and line spacing.
Change vertical alignment.
use Click and Type.
Set and modify tabs.
Apply bullet and numbering formats.
Create an outline numbered list.
Sort text.

Chap 5 Step by Step
True / False
Multiple Choice.
Project 5-2
Project 5-5.

Word Chapter 6

 Learning Objectives for Chapter 6.
Format text into columns.
Add borders and shading
Insert and scale clip art
Wrap text around graphics
Draw objects
Select, resize, cut, copy, and paste objects
Change the appearance of objects
Add text to drewings
Create and modify diagrams.

Chapter 6 Step by Steps:
Fill in Blanks
Project 6-2
Project 6-4.

Word Chapter 7

Learning Objectives for Chapter 7.
Switch between documents
Copy and paste text between documents
Insert page breaks
Work with multipage documents
Insert headers and footers
Create footnotes and endnotes
Created a section with formatting that differs from other sections
Apply styles
Insert and format tables
Organize a document in outlne view.

Chapter 7 Step by Step activities.
Multiple Choice
Fill in the blanks
 Project 7-3.


Word Chapter 8

 Learning Objectives for Chapter 8
Create and use templates and wizards
Insert, view, and edit comments
Track changes
Compare and merge documents
Create and print envelopes and labels
Use mail merge
Save a document as a Web page and apply a theme
Create a Web site with teh Web Page Wizard
Insert a hyperlink into a document
Use Paste Special

Special Instructions:
Skip steps 8:12, 8:13, 8:14 and 8:15

Chap 8 Step by Step
True / False 
Project 8-1
Project 8-2.

Unit Review:
Project 2 - page IW 171
Project 4 - page IW 173
Job 1      - page IW 175

Congratulations, you have now completed all the course work for MS. Word. There will be a major test, so take some time to review any areas you think may need strengthening.