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  • Classroom Portal

    Build colorful, customizable websites featuring your own rich content, calendar, files, clip art, and more. No technical knowledge is required!

  • Student & Parent collaboration

    Optionally manage students or parents in groups for access to extra collaborative features (Not required for SchoolRack basic functionality).

  • Mailing Lists

    Send email messages to multiple people at once. No need to memorize or keep track of email addresses, we store them on our end!

  • Discussion Boards

    Moderate private discussions online with students and/or parents

  • Post, collect, grade assignments

    Post assignments to student accounts, collect assignments in your account, and report grades back once you’re finished!

  • Password Protected Websites

    Keep your downloads and classroom discussions protected using our password protected websites feature.

  • Free of Advertisements, Free of Charge

    You won’t find advertisements anywhere on your website, and signing up for an account is always free. You can opt to upgrade to a Plus account for a small fee, but it’s never required!

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  • Subscribe to Multiple Teachers

    There’s no limit to the number of teachers you can subscribe to in your account.

  • Real-time Newsfeed

    Set email notifications or track changes (in your account) to teacher websites as they occur.

  • Participate in Discussions

    Post your thoughts in discussion boards with your class, club, or school group.

  • Submit Assignments and View Grades

    No need for a printer! Complete your homework on your computer and submit it online for review.

  • Private Messaging

    Stay in touch with teachers outside of class with private messages.

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