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About Our Vocabulary Tests

A vocabulary test will be given every Friday. The test will consist of the five new words and the five old words from the previous vocabulary test. Even though students only receive five new words every week, they will be tested on ten words. Therefore, the students will actually be tested more than once on the same words. This is meant to improve retention and to give the students ample time to truly increase their vocabularies.


Print Your Own Vocabulary List Online!!!

10th Grade First Semester Vocabulary List

10th Grade Second Semester Vocabulary List


Literary Terms List

Print your own copy of the literary terms list. You are responsible for knowing all of these terms.


Download Literary Terms List

Character Qualities List

In the event that your essay topic requires you to write about the qualities of a good friend, teacher, or elected official, (and it could be one of these or one of many, many more!) you will need some good descriptive characteristic or quality words.

Character Qualities List

Be More Descriptive

One of the most vital elements of a good essay is vivid language. Click on the link below for a list of descriptive words.

Be More Descriptive List

Revising and Editing Checklist

Remember the writing process.  Once you've planned and drafted, you must revise and edit before you can publish! Use the checklist below for this purpose.

Revising and Editing Checklist