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10th Grade Student Supply List:

Required Materials:

  • One 2” binder for state test review handouts, vocabulary, literary terms, bell ringers, etc.
  • Loose-leaf notebook paper
  • One pack dividers (5)
  • One 2” binder for Sophomore Memory book
  • #2 pencils
  • Black or blue pens
  •  A copy of the book Night by Elie Wiesel (*need by October 15, 2007) 
  •  A copy of Julius Caesar by William Shakespeare (*need by March 17, 2008)

       (See my What We're Reading section)



Rules and Consequences

Rules of the Classroom:


1.  Please bring all books and materials to class.


2.  Remain in your assigned seat unless you have permission to do otherwise.


3.  Please keep hands, feet, and objects to yourself.


4.  Please listen carefully when others have permission to speak.


5.  Please follow directions the first time they are given.



If You Choose To Break a Rule:


1.  The first time – You will receive a written warning.


2.  The second time – You will receive a notice for break detention at an       assigned time.


3.  The third time – Your parent(s) will be contacted.


4.  The fourth time – You will be sent to the office.






Note:  All disciplinary action will be documented carefully by the teacher.



Rewards for Adhering to the Rules:


Praise (daily)


Positive notes home (random)


Various positive gestures from the teacher (throughout the school year)


The joy of learning (every day of the school year)



Please follow these procedures daily to ensure that we have a successful year in our English class.



How to…



Enter the classroom:   You will come into the classroom quietly and orderly and sit in your assigned seat.  Each day, I will post the day’s assignment on the board with the projector.  When the tardy bell rings you should be working on the assignment. While I am completing my daily tasks, please do not gather around my desk or podium.  Just remain at your desk and work until I address the class.



Sign in:  I will pass around a clip board with a sign-in sheet attached.  You will find your name on the sheet.  In the column under the appropriate day, please sign your name or initials.



Complete your bell ringer:  I will post the bell ringer on the board using the projector.  If you must complete a handout, you will find it on your desk or in the wall pocket on the bulletin board.  If I simply give you instructions, please follow them. Sometimes you will just need to write the assignment on notebook paper in your binder.



Complete your vocabulary lessons and quizzes:  You will be given a green sheet with 100 Words Every (Freshman/Sophomore) Should Know.  Each day at the beginning of class, I will display the word of the day.  We will discuss the word, its spelling, its definition, how it is used in language, and examples.  You will take notes.  On Friday, you will have a quiz on ten specific words. You will need to know how to spell the five words we have completed in the current week.  You will need to use the words from the previous week in sentences, so you will need to know their definitions and how they are used. All vocabulary quizzes are made up of multiple choice or matching items.



Throw away trash during class: When we are having class, please do not leave your seat to throw trash away.  Likewise, please do not throw paper or objects at the trash can.  If you have trash, please wait until the end of class to throw it away.



Sharpen your pencil: Please take advantage of the time you have immediately after you enter the classroom to sharpen your pencil. If you must sharpen your pencil during class, please raise your hand to ask permission to leave your seat.  If you leave your seat to sharpen your pencil, please complete this process quietly, trying not to disturb other students.


Sit in a desk: When you are sitting in a desk in our classroom, please have your feet on the floor under the desktop.  Please face the front of the desk. Please do not move your desk or any other desk from its arrangement; I have probably arranged the desk that way for a reason. Please do not take another desk to use as a foot stool. As my classes are pretty much full, there will probably not be extra desks to be used in this manner. Please do not have your feet in the aisle between desks, as I may need to walk to get to you or another student. If possible, please place your backpacks, purses, or other belongings under your desk so you do not obstruct the walkway.




Ask a question during class:  Please raise your hand to ask a question during class. Please wait to be acknowledged rather than just shouting out questions or answers.



Use a hall pass:  You must be in class to learn.  You have time between classes to use the restroom or to go to your locker. I understand that an emergency may arise.  I will issue a hall pass to each student that you may use four times during the school year. Your hall pass may be used ONE time per nine-weeks grading period. You may use your hall pass to excuse a tardy OR to go to the restroom or to your locker.  To use your hall pass to excuse a tardy, present the card to the teacher during the class period for which you are tardy.  I will punch a hole in the box that represents the grading period.  To use the card as a hall pass, carry it with you when you go. Upon returning, place the card in the box labeled Hall Pass on the table. I will punch the card and return it to you. Make sure your name is on the card IN INK. Do not ask to leave the room without using this card. If they need you in the office or in any other classroom, they will notify me. Otherwise, I will not allow students to go to the office or to another classroom for any reason. English class time is precious and must be used properly.



Turn in tardy or absentee slips: If you are tardy to class and you have an excused tardy slip or note, hand it to the teacher when you enter the room.  If you miss the CLASS (does not have to be the whole day) for one or more days, you must have a blue slip when you return to class. If you come to class without a blue slip after an absence, I will send you to the office to get a note. If I have to send you to the office for an excuse, you will receive a tardy for the time you are out of class. You MUST get blue slips in the morning before school.



Make up work after an absence:  I will abide by the policy outlined in the student handbook for make-up work. Please refer to the handbook for guidelines.  My tests are scheduled at least a week in advance. If you miss the day before a test, you will still be required to take the test at the designated time.



Show respect for school and personal property in the classroom:  First, please take care of the desk to which you are assigned.  Do not write or carve on desktops. Do not stick gum on any part of the desk.  Do not remove any parts of the desk.  Next, please do not handle any items on shelves or cabinets, or on the teacher’s desk.  I have set the desk up so that there is no reason for a student to go beyond my desk.  Please consider anything on my desk or in that area personal property.  In the same way that I will not bother any of your personal items, I expect the same consideration from you.  Furthermore, please do not write on or deface the posters I have displayed in the classroom. These cost money and are on the walls to make the room a more pleasant place to work.  Finally, the electronic equipment in the room, especially anything on the projector cart, has cost the school district a great deal of money.  Please do not touch any of the equipment. I spend time during the day setting up the equipment to use in my classes. Please do not push any buttons or unplug any cords.




 Leave the classroom at the end of class:  We will not leave the classroom until the bell has rung to dismiss us. Please do not leave your seat until you hear this bell. I will try to make sure our class does not end until the appointed time; therefore, you should not be standing at the door or in the hall waiting for the bell. If I do happen to finish a little early, please remain in your seat until you hear the bell. When you leave, please take all of your things with you. Please do not leave books, binders, or notebooks in the classroom. If you have any trash, please throw it in the trash can by the door as you leave.



Please note that I reserve the right to add or revise procedures as I see the necessity. I feel certain we are going to have a great and productive year!