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My love was a strong feeling from the start
A kiss from lips and words from heart soothe me
I am the lady you are the patr'arch
We are meant to be, you are what I need

You are the light of my life and my soul
Your joy, comfort, and strength bring me to you
When I am not with you I am not whole
I shall do all that you want me to do

They come and go, but I will never leave
It could never be taken from my heart
Do not forget that I will not diseive
I am thinking of you when we're apart

One day we will say "I do" in that room
Until then, farewell I will see you soon.

                 Italian sonnet

I do not recall hearing the loud fights.
What were you thinking when he said "no more".
How selfish you were walking out the door.
For many years I have not seen the light.
I lost myself and could not reach my heights.
Trying to figure out left my heart sore.
You told me there was nothing to live for.
You would make me feel like I was the blight.

I only see you two out of seven.
It's been five years and it's time to move on.
You cry all the time and get me upset.
You talk as if you're going to heaven.
You try to find a person like his clone.
I will be here for you, so don't you sweat.