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Heidi's Decision

        It was twenty-five to thirteen in the third quarter.  The Patriots were up by twelve points.  Heidi was the starting post for the Patriots.  She was an eighteen year old senior at Valleydale High in Memphis, TN.  It was basketball season again at Valleydale.  A time when everyone attended the games and cheered their team on.  Heidi absolutely loved basketball.  Her parents had been married for eighteen years, but they were having trouble.  After the game Heidi went looking for her parents.  She found her dad and asked him where her mom was.  Her dad sat her down and told her that her mom had abandoned them.  She had just up and left them all.  Heidi had a younger sister that was ten and a younger brother that was two.  Heidi knew right then that she was going to have to be the "mom" of the house now.  The next day her dad told her that he was going to have to get another job.  There was no way one job could pay for him, three kids, and the bills.  He told her she was going to be responsible for her brother and sister.  Heidi had to miss practice that day to take care of her brother and sister.  Her coach king of knew what was going on with her.  He called and told her that she needed to take care of her siblings.  He said that family was more important than a sport.  She was upset with her parents for ruining her dream of playing college basketball.  Her coach told her that she would have a good chance of plaing at any school she wanted if she just stuck with it.  The coach told her that she was going to have to make a decision.  Heidi loved basketball but she knew that she had to help take care of her siblings.  She finn