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Teen Safety Pamphlet Assignment

Using a 3 fold brochure template (we will discuss where to find this) you will create a brochure (pamphlet) dedicated to issues of young worker safety.


The purpose of this brochure is to make young workers aware of some basic issues that may affect their health and safety in a workplace.

Consider your audience:

This is for people just like you -

  • Teens who think that nothing bad can happen to them because they are smart and use common sense
  • Teens who are more concerned about pleasing a boss than about doing things safely
  • Teens who may be working under less than ideal conditions including little sleep
  • Teens who may be working under the influence of drugs or alcohol


Things you might want to look at:

Statistics –

  • who gets hurt most often?
  • what are the injuries?
  • when does this happen?
  • where does this happen?
  • Why does this happen


Advice about a worker’s 3 rights


A look specifically at which are the most dangerous jobs for teens and what hazards teens may face in these jobs



Begin here to do your research:


Try to keep your information specific to Nova Scotia because some laws will be different in different places.


After exploring this site, search for other sites that look at issues of young worker safety (note:  Work Safe BC has some excellent resources)


You should take notes on a Word document as you read through sites


You should have a clear idea of what you want to include in your pamphlet after 2 classes of research.


This will be due Wed. Oct. 19




Final project - word search

You will create a 20 word word search. This is slightly different from word searches that just use word banks. For this one, you will create a question based on any material we have covered this term including WHMIS, OHS and First Aid. The answer to the question is the word that a player must find in the word search.


CLUE: Help given to an ill or injured person using readily available materials.

(put the number of letters [and number of words if necessary] in brackets after your clue)

For this one it would be (2 words: 5, 3)


first aid

To write your clues, go to the "files" section of this website to find a worksheet to use to write out your clues. Make an answer key as well



Go to this site:

and follow the directions to make a word search using your 2o answers


Please visit these sites and test how much you remember of your WHS course!

Have a look at the posters here and print your own wallet card

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