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Job Application Form Assignment

In creating technical documents, you are expected to show an understanding of the PURPOSE of a particular document as well as the AUDIENCE for whom this document has been created.



In this assignment you are the person in charge of hiring a veterinary assistant.


Create the form that people applying for this job will use.




  • Name of your Vet Clinic and a LOGO (we will discuss this)
  • All the things you would need to know to make a decision to choose the best person for this job.


To do this:


Begin with a list of things you will want to know about the people who apply for this job:

Some examples include:

  • Name, address, telephone
  • Previous experience

Create a form that provides places for your applicant to fill in this information as well as ALL THE OTHER INFORMATION YOU THINK YOU WILL NEED


Once your form is completed, your form will be given to a fellow classmate to fill out as if he/she were applying for the job. Your classmate will decide how easy your application is to understand (what do you WANT!) and they will decide whether they think you've asked for enough information (and the right kind of information) to make a good decision.

Do this using Excel



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