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Portfolio Essentials: How to Create a Portfolio


How to Create a Portfolio:

IMPORTANT - I cannot put things in the "files" section in order - you will have to search for what you need as it is listed here.

1.   Open a Word document; save it as “ Billy’s (your name) Quiz Results.

 2.  Go to Jobsetc., REGISTER (this is essential if you don't want to lose your work) and navigate to the quizzes; (see me if you do not know how to do this)

                 a)    As you finish each quiz, take a screen shot of the “chart” of your results (not  all quizzes will have charts)

                 b)   Paste the quiz chart into your “Quiz Results” Word document

                 c)    Go back to your quiz and copy the written words that explain the chart – you will find these below the chart; paste these words under your chart on your Word “Quiz Results” document.

                 d) put each separate quiz on a separate page or pages and cleary title each one at the top of the page

              IMPORTANT   NOTE: if your quiz produces no chart, just copy and paste the word results that come up after you finish the quiz into your Word document. {e.g. when you finish the Data, People and Things quiz you will have only words and no chart come up}


3.   After you finish ALL your quizzes, you will write a one page summary of what the quizzes tell you.

             a) use the QUIZ SUMMARY WORKSHEET (files)

             b) have a look at the Quiz Summary Sample


4.  When you’ve finished your Quizzes, move on to the Goal Setting section. Everything you need for this can be found under “files” – Goal Setting Directions and Worksheets


5. Your Resume:

Now go to 10 Steps to a Good Resume (files) and CAREFULLY AND SLOWLY do EXACTLY what it says to do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


6. Reference letter:

Under “files” you will find something marked Reference Letter – open and READ THIS CAREFULLY  


7. Artifacts:

Go to “files” and  open the “Artifacts” document to read about what these are.

IMPORTANT NOTE: There is also a document under files called “artifact reflection” that will explain what you need to write to go with your artifacts and work samples


8. Personal Statement:


Go to “files” and download the “Personal Statement Worksheet”. Use this to prepare and then write your own Personal Statement.


9. Go to the “Table of Contents” item located in “files” and use this to create your table of contents


Your Resume: A How To

The template (model) I have put in the "Files" section here is a format that I like for students because it outlines strengths for kids who don't yet have a lot of (or any) job experience. This format is clean, good looking and easy to read - all things an employer appreciates.

Remember - when using the template HIGHLIGHT WHAT YOU WANT TO CHANGE BUT DON'T DELETE IT - JUST TYPE OVER IT! -If something (like your name or a heading) is in capitals, you'll need to put on your cap locks because it won't automatically put in capitals.

The rest of your instructions for this can be downloaded from the "files" section - 10 Steps to a Good Resume - I suggest you print out a copy so you have it to look at while you're working.

 I should review finished resumes before you place them in your portfolio

About the files section

This site does not allow me to arrange the order in which the files appear. Therefore, you should check the dates to see which are the most recent ones. Read full titles carefully (not all of the title appears until you click on it) to be sure you have the right file. 

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