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Each day you will find a writing assignment which you should be able to easily finish in one class or less.

Next day, we will exchange assignments and you will edit the assignment you're given and we will discuss what works and what doesn't in each other's writing.

ALL of these assignments have "real world" applications and could easily be something you may be required to write someday.

The question "how long" always comes up in these assignments. My answer is "how long is a piece of string?" In other words, how long do you think it needs to be? 

Having said that, if I feel that you have not adequately covered what you've been asked, I will ask you to add some clarifying sentences. Your editor may also request this.

Once you have your edited copy returned, your job is to revise and edit the work yourself and send it to me at: 


So, writing each day (after day 1) will include:

  1. Editing and revising your work from the day before
  2. Writing the new assignment
  3. Exchanging your work with someone else and editing their work and making suggestions for revision or clarification 
ALL writing needs to be done on computer
I will mark each item out of 30 (5 points for each of the 6 traits as indicated on your sheet from ECM 11). I will send this mark to you via email.

Writing Assignment, April 25

It’s tax time, and now that you own a small business, the job of submitting a tax form has become too overwhelming because of all the new items that you have to account for in your tax return.

Your business has started to grow, but you can’t afford to hire an accountant quite yet. A friend has told you that her older brother is just finishing a degree in accounting and is looking for practice doing just what you need.

You don’t know this person at all but you’re going to send him an email that you hope will result in having your tax return done for free.


What he will need to know:

(let's do this together...)

Writing Assignment April 26

For those of you who missed the first class this week or have not paid attention to how your writing assignments for this class will work, here is an explanation/clarification:

How the 1 1/2 hour class in the morning breaks down and how I expect your time to be used:


1. Editing and suggesting revisions of a classmate's work that was done the day before - 15 min.

2. Writing (and typing)  your new assignment, checking it over to the best of your ability and printing a hard-copy that is handed in to me - 45 min

3. using suggestions and corrections that your student editor has provided to revise  the work you did the day before and then emailing a copy to me that clearly shows in the subject line what the piece is and who it is from -  30 min. 

I do not know when recess will fall each day so expect to lose those 10 minutes somewhere off the last 2 parts of this. This means you will need to be EVEN MORE mindful of how you use your time!

Thus far we have not been able to stick to this timeline. What this means is that some people are already 2 or more assignments behind. I will mark the week's assignments over the weekend (4 pieces of writing) and assign marks out of 30. Whatever assignments I do not get will get a zero (0) for that assignment.


THIS DOES NOT MEAN  THAT YOU CAN JUST WRITE AND HAND IN EVERYTHING AT THE END OF THE WEEK!!!!!!!!!!!! Part of this work is learning to read other's work and to revise your own, and that can only be done if everyone completes assignments in class EACH day. 


Today we will use the first 15 min. (as usual) to go over each other's work from yesterday and make corrections and suggestions.

Next, I would like you to make the corrections needed on all 3 pieces of writing you were to have done this week and email them to me at:

Make sure that you put   YOUR NAME's final _______ from April __ in the subject line before you send it, for example:


Violet's final resignation letter from April 23 


Tony's final parts letter from April 24 


Make up some way to describe what the piece of writing is that you are sending me.


To sum up (for this day only):

1. 15 min. for comments, suggestions and corrections of a classmate's work from yesterday

2. Remaining time spent revising and correcting EACH of your own pieces that you wrote this week.

3. Email me the final revised version of each of your 3 pieces of writing that you want me to mark.

Writing Assignment, May 1 - trade email

You heard from a friend that Person X would like to trade something you want for something you have, but Person X is not sure that what you have will be good enough. Write an email persuading Person X that you have EXACTLY what he/she wants. 

Writing Assignment, May 2 - condolence letter

Your best friend moved with his family to Edmonton for work. Recently you learned that his/her mother died suddenly. You knew his/her mother really well – since you were in elementary school. Write an email to your friend. 

Writing Assignment, May 3 - advertisement

Business has been good - VERY good. It's time to hire some help. Write an advertisement to help you find someone. In it you should describe the kind of person you're looking for and also what you will expect that person to do. You might want to check out a few ads before you write your own to find out what information is usually included.

Writing Assignment, May 7 - Bulletin letter

Recently a letter appeared in the Bulletin that referred to teenagers as “thugs and vandals.” It went on to say that teenagers should get jobs and stop hanging around causing trouble. It ended with a call for a 10 p.m. curfew for anyone under the age of 18.  Write a response.


This assignment will be a little different. To do this, you must first write down 3 issues you'd like to address in your letter.


Next, I'd like you to PICK ONLY ONE of those issues and  for today write about  that  point specifically in a paragraph or two. Remember, keep to that one point ONLY. You may have lots more to say, but don't say it in this paragraph. Stick to one point only!!!

For example (my example - so don't copy plesase): 

This writer makes a sweeping statement that all teens are bad. Well, I am NOT all teens! Many of us do a lot of good things in our town. I have volunteered in the Youth Soccer program for the last two summers, for example. I have also taken part in several Earth Day clean-ups in our town. I get good marks in school and respect my parents and teachers. I am NOT one of the bad teens that this writer lumps together. 

Writing Assignment, May 17 - persuasive argument

Choose 3 of these topics and (just like your response to the Bulletin letter) write and number 3 points you wish to make to argue for or against your topic:

Student’s textbooks should be replaced by notebook computers

Schools should start later in the morning

Students should be randomly drug tested

People with terminal illnesses should have the right to doctor assisted suicides

High school students should have to complete community service hours to graduate

People who are caught driving drunk should lose their licenses for a year

Children who commit violent crimes should be tried as adults

the state (government) should execute dogs that have bitten someone?

Too much money is a bad thing.

Teens should be required to take parenting classes.

Yearly driving tests should be mandatory for the first five years after getting a license.

Parents of bullies should have to pay a fine.

We should allow pets in school.

Country life is better than city life.

Kids under 15 shouldn't have Facebook pages.

There should be one world currency.

__________is the best sport there is.

____________is the best truck on the road

The government should impose household trash limits.

All citizens should be required by law to vote.

Students should not be required to take physical education courses.

You deserve a pay raise

High schools should be shut down and online learning be introduced instead

There should be time in a school schedule for an afternoon nap

Professional athletes are overpaid

There should be no more school- sponsored field trips as a way for school boards to save money


Writing Assignment, June 4

On Friday, I had a chance to speak with people following the lunch time event. During that conversation, after observing that most of you either left prior to the speeches or before the end, you were referred to as "thoughtless,"  "self-centred," and "unappreciative." Using the form you used for the Bulletin Letter, respond to this in an essay using 3 talking points.

By the way, you may be surprised to know that these comments were made by recent STEP grads!



For the second part of this assignment, go to your STEP advice letter and, using that letter, please explain how you did/did not live up to your own advice.


Finally, please write an apology letter to Dave Dobson to apologize for not being there to help him clean up - especially given how much of his week he had voluntarily devoted to making that Friday event possible.

Writing Assignment, June 5

ECM 12

June 5, 2012

The following sentences contain errors or other problems. These include punctuation issues and verb/noun agreement. Also, some sentences are just very awkward and need to be broken into two or more sentences.


On looseleaf, (if you are not in the computer lab to do this). Edit each of these sentences:


  1. Secondly, not a lot of people around.
  2. You are able to ad stuff on your property if you like to for examples you can put a swimming pool or build a play house for your family.


  1. Secondly, I am a hard worker and Lastly, I have been working __________ for 23 years now.
  2. Its mostly because not everyone can work anywhere


  1. Jobs yes might be easy but impossible if no one will hire you and lastly ,10PM curfews ,come on what will that really prevent, if teens are so much trouble then why don’t we make a place so they can hang and stay out of the trouble so then everyone would be happy.
  2. They do it because there is nowhere in Bridgewater to go and do something and the point about getting a job is there are no jobs in Bridgewater.


  1. Then we would be back at the fact that then people would have no jobs and the work force would go down and kids would be hanging out and causing  trouble because then will not be able to work a job.


  1. Curfews would be ineffective and punitive and there are more effective ways to address this then writing false letters would solve nothing.


  1. There are many other ways we could come together and solve the problems, such as forming teen groups, put more money into stuff for children and teen, build a recreation park.


10.The Chevrolet truck has the best and toughest engines you can get from the 2.2 4 cylinder up to the 572 big block v8 they have they longest life off all the engines in any other truck they do not break down every other day like a ford or dodge engine.

11.they do not rot or rust there are a lot more old Chevrolets on the road then there are old fords or dodges


12.I would like to say that I think that it is stupid and it is not right to give teens a curfew, not all teens are bad, so why should we have to suffer?



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