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Why a portfolio? If you ever plan to go to college, that is probably already obvious (NSCC and most other colleges require you to prepare one while you're there - this gives you a good headstart).

What if I'm not going to college? One of the great things about building a portfolio is what you will learn a great deal about yourself as you do it. You will also have a collection of documents that you could take with you to an interview to show a possible boss that you really know your stuff. THIS WORK IS VALUABLE!




Your portfolio will have ABSOLUTELY NO MISTAKES. Remember, this is a collection of documents that you will be able to show prospective employers someday. Employers don't want to see mistakes in your work. THIS SCREAMS VOLUMES ABOUT YOU!!!!!

Every single item you prepare MUST be proofread by someone in addition to also being proofread by you. This does not need to be a classmate (probably should NOT be since you are all just learning this now). Best to find someone who can read for mistakes in spelling, grammar and punctuation.

I will return any items that have mistakes, but I will not be doing your proofreading and editing for you. 


NOTE: do not flood your proofreader with all your work at once. Give it to him/her as you finish each section instead. That way, you can count on their full attention before you tire them out!


Let's Begin:


At the top of my homepage you will find entries for making Portfolios. Begin by completing steps 1, 2, and 3. COMPLETE THESE EXACTLY AS REQUESTED!!!!!

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