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Business Law

2009 Syllabus and Course Guidelines


:     Law for Business and Personal Use

Supplies Needed:

Þ   3-Ring Binder

Þ Notebook paper for daily notes

Course Description: (1 credit elective)
 Business Law is a project based course that will use debates, case studies and real-life simulations to introduce you to the basics of business law through a focus on contract law, consumer law, employment law, and business legal structures.  After completion of this course, you will gain an understanding of the nature of contractual relationships, legally binding contracts, consumer protection legislation, employer-employee relationships, and legal responsibilities associated with ownership of a business. 

You can expect to cover the following concepts through this course:

v       Foundations of Law
v       Structure of the Legal System
v       Criminal and Civil Law
v       Contract Requirements
v       Consumer Protection
v       Property Ownership and Acquisition
v       Employee Protection/Employment Law 

Expectations:         You will be expected to complete/participate in the following items throughout the semester: 

v       Notes and daily discussion/debates
v       In-class activities/projects
v       Homework assignments
v       Announced and unannounced quizzes
v       Chapter tests
v       Mock trial