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Accounting I 

2009 Syllabus and Course Guidelines


:     TEXT/WORKBOOK: Century 21: Accounting
:     Century 21 Automated Accounting

Supplies Needed:

Þ    Calculator
Þ    Pencil
Þ    2-pocket folder or binder 

Course Description: (1 credit elective)Accounting, known as the “language of business”, includes the planning, recording, analyzing and interpretation of financial information.  Regardless of an individual’s responsibility within an organization, they can always perform their jobs more efficiently if they are familiar with Accounting. This course is designed to enable you to be able to independently work through an accounting cycle for businesses organized as proprietorships and partnerships.  You will be instructed in the following areas:  journalizing, posting, adjusting and closing entries, work sheets, financial statements, and payroll.  You will demonstrate your acquired accounting abilities by completing various projects and a given business simulation during the semester. This course will cover the following concepts:

v       Careers and opportunities
v       The Accounting Equation (assets/liabilities/owner’s equity)
v       Analyzing debits and credits
v       Journalizing transactions (sales, purchase, etc.)
v       Posting to a general ledger
v       Preparing financial statements
v       Adjusting and closing entries
v       Payroll 

Expectations:        Students will be expected to complete the following items throughout the school year. 

v       Notes and daily discussion
v       In-class work
v       Announced and unannounced quizzes
v       Chapter tests