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Jennifer Larson Spanish




1-   CURRENT EVENTS -News slow in Spanish (2nd Semester


2-Tprs Publishing - Mini Lecturas from cunato me cuentas


Triangulo A Proposito Manual Para Extudiantes Cuarta Edicion - Barbara Gataski and John McMullan

A-Triangulo  (listening) (6-10) (1-5)

B-Triangulo – pdf per chapter



A-Ver-taal -

B-quia -



 9- NSE AND TEMPLATE FOR VOCABULARY (plantilla dela autoprueba)

11- AP Preparing for Language Exam Resources




 This week we will revisist the criteria of what should be in a persuasive introduction.



Monday - cumuluative vocab test from last semester before we build this semester.

Tuesday- Friday Listening dictation and personal description/response to weekly audio taken from the following link.


 HW due Tuesday-  simulated conversations. (you will have to scroll down)- Complete simulated conversation 1.  You must send a spontaneous and edited version to me by Tuesday.  In addition, you must have a written copy of the edited version so I can correct mistakes.






1- quiz on vocabulary to help students with the simulated conversations on Tuesday - go to quizlet and type in ap conversaciones simuladas (78 words)

2- students will discuss the following theme - eres bueno para ahorrar dinero and que hace un buen jefe? 

3- They will them create a video lesson for lower levels to use.



1- Students will write a persuasive essay in class, only the intro and first paragraph. 

2-While students are writing the pe, I will call up each student and they will have to talk 2 minutes about one of the following themes, you need to be ready for either one.

-eres bueno para ahorrar dinero

-que hace a  un buen jefe, que rasgos de caracter debe tener



 2/2-2/6 and 2/9 - 2/13

1- Go over corrections from persuasive essay and speaking tasks

2- Student will then talk about a part of hs they don't want to repeat and their worst date. We  will model native speakers, learn related vocabulary, revist the preterite and imperfect, create our own personal description, then record the presentation and it to the youtube account. Summative Grade

 3- Simulated Conversation due Wednesday

4 - Prepare for Immersion Day - middle school student come to the high school to learn Spanish with lesson prepared by Spanish 3,4 and AP students

 Have a great winter break!


2/23-2/27 + 3/2-3/6

1- notes in spanish intermediate audio - students will listen to selected audio, summarize, give opinion and reaction to selected theme- falsos  amigos, la nueva inmigracion, idiomas....You will have a 2 minute speaking test on Friday.

2- hw -simulated # 5 - spontaneous and edited version

3- cumulative vocab test WEd 2/25

4- test simulated 2 - Thursday


3/9-3/13 and 3/16-3/20

1- Cultural Comparison PP - se compara el sistema de calificacion en Espana con el de los Estados Unidos

2- Write one's own cc using information from last week form notes in spanish - students will compare vacations in Spain with that vacation here. This is and in class activity due Monday 3/16

3- Students will record a 2 minute compariosn for a quiz grade week of 3/16

4- test simulated 4 on Friday 3/20

5- Cummulative vocab quiz Tuesday 3/17

6- Simulated 5 due Monday 3/23

7- We will begin reading for a persuasive essay this week


 3/23-3/27 and 3/30-4/3

1-We will translate a model introduction into English


2- Students will write their own introduction to a persuasive essay using the translated  model as a guide (formative grade) - se debe definir el ideal de belleza femenino por la apariencia y el peso

3- Students the second week will be on there own to write an another  introduction for use of a persuasive essay - se debe sancionar la educacion en casa como alternativa valida a la educacion en los colegios

3- grade vocab quizzes

4- Take a simulated test Monday 3/30 and grade it

5 - Simulated 5 due Wed 3/25 and simulated 6 due  Wed 4/1  record edited version as we discussed in class

































































(kept for links)

August 4th-8th and August 11th-15th


This semester we are starting the AP Triangulo Aprobado text to begin working on a few tasks of the AP test.  We will begin with the chapter - La Vida Contemporanea.   We will work on the following tasks this semester: simulated converstations, email responses, and cultural comparisons. We will start persuasive essays in the winter.  In addtion, we will learn a few more grammar structures only first semester.  We will review and refine in  4B and AP.

August 4th- August 8th AND August 11th- 15th

1- Mastery of Tenses Review and Assessment

2-Corrections to summer hw  (email responses) and assessment

3- Review and assessment of present subjucntive - nominal/ adjective and adverbial clauses using the pneumonics WEIRDO / MATCHED AND CAMELOT.

4- (Block)We will continue to master email responses and begin strategies for simulated conversations.  We will begin writing the conversations and get used to the lenght and format of the exam.  After 1/2 weeks of reading these, you will begin recording yourself as outlined below.

5- (Block not on level) You will need to do a spontaneous and edited version for the following simulated conversations found on this website.   You will need to record yourself 2x per activity, there should be considerable difference in quality for the 2 versions. As time goes on you will gain more and more confidence in your spontaneosu version.  I also need a written copy of your edited version.



HW -

1- Summer HW email responses due upon your return.  See the summer hw link for specific details.

2- Summer HW assessment on transtition words is Friday August 8th

3- Complete the first simulated edited and spontaneous version to me by Friday August 15th.  I will give the specifics in class.

4- Write an email response fro subtheme 6 by Monday August 11th.  Be sure to use all grammar from the checklist and 10 new vocabulary words learned from the reading.  In addition, continue using clep words, palabras problematicas and words learned from the previous emails from wordwall.

5- WE will build vocabulary from the simulateds you hear and the emails that you read.  Be sure to keep up with the vocabulary via  You must store this vocabulary in a divider in your notebook.


August 18th-22nd

1-continue review of preterite vs imperfect

2- review camelot

3-email response in class graded as formative quiz - Monday/ Tuesday

4- Continue/ Begin emails and simulated writings (block/ year)

5 - vocab quiz for all students Monday/Tuesday (translation sentences)

6- Block students will begin spontaneous and edited simulateds recorded on phone


August 25th - 29th

1- Application of all structures of grammar checklist via email Monday - formative grade

2- Begin learning what a simulated conversation is via writing using the abolve link

3-Review all corrections

4- 2nd simulated application will be a quiz grade

5- Block classes will conintue applying both emails and simulateds, also they will begin recording themselves by doing an edited and spontaneous version




September 2nd-5th

1- continue with simulated conversations  and emails 

2- corrections both group and individual

3-imperfect subjunctive with si clauses will be added to checklist this week

4-If time we will begin introducing persuasive essays to block classes- we should at least read articles and graphs and build vocabulary, we will eventually build up to the listening application


September 8th -12th

1- Test - email response completed only in class, we will read and build vocabulary Monday.  Write Tuesday and Wednesday part of the period.  The other part will be used to go over common errors found in email completed for hw.  All structures from grammar checklist must be used.

2-Thursday and Friday - students will prepare for Immersion Day - They will teach/review concepts to middle school students 3rd - 6th periods.


September 22nd-26th

1- WE will continue reading and responding to emails. 

2- We will continue participating in simulated conversations

3- We will revist common errors and share ideas

4- We will begin reading prompts for persuasive essays

5- Block student - you will continue with persuasive essays - number 2

6- any simulated or email response will act as a formative or summative grade, this will be spontaneous

7 - new grammar - por vs para and como si +imperfect subjunctive


Sept 29th- October 3rd

1- quiz por and para Tuesday

2-grade cummulative vocab assessment

3- review structures from grammar checklist

4- quiz simulated conversation and email response

5- individual corrections to prior emails/simulateds


Oct 6th - 10th

1- We will complete a simulated this week for a summative grade

2- We will grade por vs para quizzes

3- We will work on group and individual corrections from email test on structures

4-If time permits we will read article to build vocabulary for a persuasive essay


Oct. 13th-17th - conference week

1- por vs para quiz

2- review all usages of imperfect subjunctive

3- review group and individual mistakes from email test

4- another email test this week - focus is more vocabulary and add structures por vs para and imperfect subjunctive to the grammar checklist

5- hw - simulated from assigned website - must use new structures in response


October 20th - 25th

1-Simulated hw response due Tuesday - remember to use applicable structures and ap simulated expressions

2- WE will begin reading prompts for persuasive essays and continue learning how to respond to a simulated conversation

3- Block classes will write a persuasive essay for summative grade and continue to do simulateds for hw - spontaneous and edited version (you must hand in a copy of the edited version)


October 27th-Oct. 31st


1- Go to
Scroll down until you see past exams.  Click Speaking audio prompts for the year 2013 and do a spontaneous and edited version by Friday.  You must have a written version of the edited script as well.
2.  We will begin the introduction and body for a persuasive essay
3- We will also read an article about immigration to add extra vocabulary to our formal list
4- We will have a day of group and individual corrections


November 3rd - 7th

1- Finish introduction and next 2 paragrapsh on inmigtation topic

2- We will work on simulated conversations in class and at home as well

3-Block classes will complete the above and continue with another persuasive essay and cultural comparison

4- There will be a cumulative informal and formal vocabulary assessment next week as well

5- Any task will either be formative or summative


November 10th - 14th

1- Continue with simulated conversations in class and hw

2- As students are rotating recorded themselves with the simulated conversations, they will be reading promts to write the next persuasive essay and build vocabululary lists.

3-Cumulative vocab test Tuesday

4- All above task can act as formative or summative grades.


Nov. 17th-21st

1- Simulated Conversation for hw using above ap link - do a spontaneous and edited version

2-Simulated Conversation in class using the triangulo aprobado cd - technology subtheme 2

3- Continue reading prompt for persuasive essay and  then writing intoduction and first paragraph.

4- All tasks act as formative or summative grades based on accuracy and ap rubric


12/1-12/5 and 12/8-12/12

1- Group and individual corrections from simulated and persuasive essay.

2-Extra credit activities - email, 2 simulateds, persuasive and for block classes a cultural comparison. 












(From last year)  - I kept for certain linkgs



 August 1 and 2nd:

1- Begin Grammar Review Packet 

2- News in Spanish vocabulary - put on quizlet and begin learning

August 5th - summer hw vocab test

August 6th - 9th

a-Interpretive/presentational : News in Spanish - El sobrepeso en Mexico - words on quizlet, summary, how it affect us, and reaction - using template given in class

b-Extra - Transition Words - Warm up each day

c-Continue Grammar Packet 

Autust 12-16th

a-Library to work on a  Presentational Cultural Comparison-El sobrepeso en Mexico - words on quizlet, summary, how it affect us, and reaction - using template given in class.  Presentations beginning Wednesday.

b-Assessment on National Spanish exam vocabulary A-C

c-study vocabulary on Jim Carrey's movie

d- Review commands and adverb clauses from escapa


August 19th-23

M - Vocabulary quiz / Read article and fill out graphic organizer

T/W- review por vs para, superlatives and comparatives, and verbs like gustar and discuss article

Thurs/Friday- Write a persuasive essay based on the violence in the movie, would you support the movie or not and why.  You must include the following in the essay

a-appendix c - transition words to begin, end, contrast and compare, and elaborate

b-handout describing how to write your introduction and conclusion sentence by sentence

c-transition words from word wall- en vez de, a mi parecer, debido a ...

d- all grammar reviewed thus far - present perfect indicative or subjunctive, present subjunctive, infinitive expression (hay que, negarse a...), and commands, comparisons and superlatives, verbs like gustar


August 26th - 30th

1- Monday and Tuesday in library to work on

a- Adverb clauses -

escapa -

matched -

b- Getting ready to start si clauses -

Conjuguemos - under verbs activities 14 (conditional) and 24 (imperfect subjunctive)

colby spanish

2-escapa /camelot / hd3 with adverb clauses

4- quiz nse words la ley Tues/Wed

HW - You will have one week to write another persuasive essay at home.  Be sure to use the same grammar checklist as last time to complete your essay.  Be sure to add a usage of a si clause and usage of adverb clauses from camelot to your list  Are you in agreement with the governor or not?  Article take from news slow in spanish

Un gobernador de un estado de EE.UU. aprueba la marihuana medicinal para menores


 Sept 3-6th

1- Persuasive essay due Wednesday, we will work on common errors

2- We will continue to reinforce si clauses (pres, future and imperfect subj and conditional) and adverbial clauses using escapa and matched to learn them)


Sept 9th-13th

1- Imperfect subjuntive uses and packet

2- common errors in 2nd persuasive essay

3- prepare lesson for immersion day

4- review matched and escapa

5- Friday test on imperfect subjunctive and adverb clauses

6-Tuesday- vocabulary quiz on persuasive essay vocab 


 Sept 16th-20th

1- Summative tests - uses of the imperfect subjunctive (si clauses, weirdo triggers) and adverbial clause and translation of a persuasive essay

2- Immersion Day - Friday


Sept. 30th - Oct 4 and Oct 7th-11th

1- Listening analysis from speedy prep build word wall from vocabulary learned (theme pending audio - complaint, vacation, who you get along with bad..)

2-Continue with uses of imperfect subjunctives and adverb clauses (quiz WEd. 2nd)

3-Persuasive essays due Thrusday (3rd) - work on common errors

4- quiz vocabulay from syria - Monday the 7th

5- Test translation of persuasive essay 8th - Marijuana Medicinal retake,


October 14th -18th

1- Persuasive essay - Syria translation test (from news in Spanish)

2- Email response to the following themes - friend moving to city, letter to manager, parent to teacher, apology to friend - Themes are based on listening exercises completed by speedyprep audio files

3- Quiz page 1,2 and 3 from clep vocabulary


Oct. 21-25

1- All si clauses

2- como si + imperfect subjunctive

3- continue listening with transfer into email responses

4- clep vocab pgs 1-6 by friday


October 28th-Nov 1st

1- Essay - My ideal friend and boyfried - each student must use all grammar structures in the essay and 10 new vocabulary words from the list

2- speedy prep listening analysis/email response

3-Clep Prep Vocabulary pages 1-6 - Thursday Friday

4- Preterite and Imperfect Review - Conjuguemos


Nov 4th-8th

1- Bullying PPT

2- Listening Analysis - A trip - build vocabulary to use in essay

3- Essay due Wed.- Mis vacaciones preferidas

4- Clep vocab pages 1-8 Friday


11/11- 11/15

1- Continue with bullying ppt, worksheet and quiz

2- Clep vocab 1-10

3-Correction on trip essay

4- essay - use new grammar structure with old and new vocab from listening resource



1- Clep vocabulary quiz Wednesday

2- Bullying Quiz Monday/Tuesday

3-Listening Clep with affiliated essay if time.

4- Bullying Poster- refer to handout for requirements


12/2-12/6 and 12/9-13th

Monday /Tuesday- work on bullying poster due Tuesday 12/7 and revisit preterite vs imperfect

Wednesday/Thursday - revisist corrections from past persuasive essays / if time listening analysis

Friday - Clep Test



1-Read article from Triangulo Aprobado to build vocabulary

2- write a persusive essay using all structures from grammar checklist and new vocabulary learned from the reading

3- hW - Email reponse and study cummulative vocabulary list


1/6-1/1o and 1/13-1/17 and 1/21-1/25

This semester we are starting the AP Triangulo Aprobado text to begin working on more tasks of the AP test.  We will begin with the chapter - La Vida Contemporanea, subtheme 1 and 2.  We will work on the following tasks this semester: simulated converstations, email responses, persuasive essays, cultural comparisons and multiple choice readings and audios.

1- Email response pg 104

2- Learn how to do a Simulated Conversation pg 108

3- Vocabulary quiz Friday 1/17

4-Cultural Comparison

5-Listening analysis on audio of persuasive essay

6- Persuasive essay corrections - Students already did the PE for the first subtheme last semester.  We will go over common mistakes.

7- New grammar focus - uses se accidental

8 - All corrections



Monday a- persuasive essay, simulated, email response and spontaneous hw assignment corrections test Monday

HW this week- vocabulary sentences / 2 minute spontaneous/editied oral assignment each night

 - correct test

-vocab test

-explain what a cultural comparison task is and requirements that need to be included

-students will write theirs in class

HW- spontaneous / edited HW situations, vocabulary sentences


2/3-2/7 and 2/10-2/14

1-Begin second theme of the Triangulo Aprobado and all tasks involved

simulated conversation, cultural comparison, persuasive essay, listening analysis of PE, email response and related vocabulary

2- Individual and class corrections


2/24-2/28 and 3/3-3/7

1- Persuasive essay and email response due upon return from break

2- Simulated conversation from 2nd subtheme of la vida contemporanea

3- Cultural Comparison

4- Vocabulary Assessment Friday 2/28 or Monday 3/3

5-HW - Spontaneous and edited speaking assessments from packet

6-Corrections test Friday 3/7

If time here are additional simulated conversations to work on (edit and spontaneous)



1- Corrections from simulated and cultural comparison

2-Wednesday - TeAcher Appreciation and Salsa with Sedrick

3- Thursday = test on all corrections from 2nd subtheme

4- HW - edited and spontaneous situations


3/17-3/21  and 4/14-5/2

1-Begin the 3rd and 4th subthemes of the chapter La Vida Contemporanea.  Students

will work on the following ap tasks, make corrections, learn related vocabulary, and share ideas. 

1-email response

2-cultural comparison

3-persuasive essay

4-simulated conversation

HW - You will need to do a spontaneous and edited version for the following a0 simulated conversations found on this website.   You will need to record yourself 2x per activity, there should be considerable difference in quality for the 2 versions. As time goes on you will gain more and more confidence in your spontaneosu version.  I also need a written copy of your edited version.  Due May 5th.


 5/5-end of year

1- extra credit email, cc, persuasive essay and simulated.  Looking on polishing all grammar on checklist.  No extra credit will be given if there are too many mistakes.  EC will be done in class only.

2-Extra Credit simulated will be one of the following from this link.  You should practice each simulated to be sure you can respond with well rehearsed level 4 response.  Extra credit assignment will be 5/13-5/15.  Each student will be sent to the library individually to record their response.


Final will be - an email, cc, or persuasive and  simulated


Primary video used weekly - Mi Vida Loca
















Teacher Resources:


Spanish Story (Merpy)

Culture Activities:


Helpful Power Points:$12


Helpful videos, cartoons and listening resources:

To send cards to friends use this site:

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