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Shakespearean Sonnet

A love that comes from the depths of a heart.
A love thats always so strong and so true.
A love that will not try to fall apart.
A love thats as true as the sky is blue.

So many mem'ries we hold close to us.
So many laughs and so many sad tears.
Like others at times we could and would fuss.
But you were there to take away my fears.

The light burning brightly like the warm sun.
The light that washes the bad things away.
A light that fills you with warmth and fun.
Lights of love that will stay and never stray.

A love that lights the way to my kind heart.
A love of yours and mine that will not part.

Italian Sonnet

The freezing winds changing to a warm breeze.
Snow melting off the frozen trees and ground.
Your snow body now growing flat when once round.
You'll be gone before the first sign of leaves.
I wish you could stay as long as you please,
But once as spring comes you wont be around.
Snowy, you will be missed when you're not found.
Snowman how can you leae me with such ease?

But I suppose that I must learn to deal,
With the fact you will leave me very soon.
After spring, summer, and fall come and fade,
And when the first snowfall comes around noon
I will plot the way you look, dress, and feel.
You wil be with me once you are remade.