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Computer engineering is a very interesting and exciting career. It is always altering and growing so there is always something new to learn. There are many reasons why I wish to participate in this program and various benefits that I will receive from this experience.

The main reason I wish to participate in this program is because I wish to become a computer engineer someday. I have always enjoyed the career and this program would help my knowledge of it grow. It will also be fun and motivating to watch and build different things over the course of the week.

Another reason I wish to participate in this program is because I love computers in general. Even if I did not wish to go into computer engineering, I would still love to go and discover more about computers. This would help my love of computers grow even more.

There would also be many benefits to taking this program. I will get hands on experience for the career I wish to go in. It will be fun building and designing different things for a week. It will also be fun solving complex problems before, during, and after the designing and building processes of each project.

I would also benefit by broadening my experiences. The overview of engineering, along with the participating in hands on investigations, design competitions, and laboratory investigations would help prepare me for college. It would give me a better understanding of computer engineering, before starting from scratch almost in college classes.

This camp would help me in many ways, from teaching me some about the career of computer engineering to preparing me for college courses. It would be a wonderful fun and educational week experience. This is why I desire to take part in the engineering program over the summer.