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Watch Iron Man 3 Online There's so much to like here. Stark's issues following the events of The Avengers make for an intriguing character development, the use of the Extremis virus much-loved in the comics is interesting, and the rogue's gallery of villains such as The Mandarin, scientist Aldrich Killian Pearce and a team of Extremis soldiers is enjoyable. Also thrown into the mix well is Captain Rhodes Cheadle, whose Iron Man-like persona of War Machine has been rebranded as Iron Patriot, much to Stark's amusement.

The level of comedy that has been a consistent triumph of the series is certainly here, although the film does tend to the wacky end of the humour spectrum a few times.

Iron Man 3
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M ***

Director: Shane Black.

Cast: Robert Downey Jr, Gwyneth Paltrow, Guy Pearce, Ben Kingsley, Don Cheadle, Rebecca Hall.

THE good news is Iron Man 3 is better than Iron Man 2. The bad news is it still can't live up to the excellence of the first film.

It's a shame really. This could be Robert Downey Jr's last film as Tony Stark his contract is up and if he should bow out, it would have been great to see him go out on a high.

Not that Iron Man 3 is a total misfire. It features some of the best moments of the trilogy, but it does feel a bit like a missed opportunity. There is so much good material in here - almost too much - that the story barrels along like a learner driver, hanging on for dear life and only just keeping things under control as it swerves wildly through traffic, jumping a few kerbs along the way.

The set-up involves Stark struggling to deal with the fallout from the alien attack on New York as seen in The Avengers, which has left him with insomnia and a kind of post-traumatic stress disorder.

While he compulsively tinkers and builds in his Iron Man workshop, a terrorist dubbed The Mandarin Kingsley has been unleashing terrifying explosions across the US, including one that severely injures Stark's friend Happy Jon Favreau. This leads Stark to issue a threat against The Mandarin, jeopardising himself and his girlfriend Pepper Potts Paltrow.

And with such a talented cast, it almost goes without saying that the performances are uniformly excellent, particularly Downey Jr, Pearce and Kingsley.

As for those "best moments of the trilogy" previously mentioned, a "barrel of monkeys" skydiving sequence is awesome, the final battle has some cool pieces, and there's some Spielberg-like magic in Stark's interaction with a young boy named Harley, although it's wonderfully subverted by director Shane Black and Drew Pearce's script and zippy dialogue.

So where's the problem?

Well, there are plot issues that are difficult to discuss without giving away spoilers, but one example is the government's efforts to find The Mandarin appear to have been non-existent until the story called for them, yet Stark can find him when he needs to. The involvement of certain characters is also questionable, while the finale's wrap-up of everything is way, way too neat to the point of ridiculousness. There are other leaps made and it's hard to tell after one viewing whether the script is being subtle or asking the audience to fill in a few too many gaps.

Iron Man 3 almost suffers from Too Many Villains Syndrome, which is a common affliction with superhero sequels, and the film struggles to keep all its characters and subplots in focus throughout. As mentioned, it seems to be a case of having too much good material.

Having said all that, the more I think about Iron Man 3, the more I like it. The initial feeling walking out of the cinema was one of mild disappointment. There were questions, things that didn't stack up. It probably begs a repeat viewing, in which case I reserve the right to change my star-rating down the track.
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But for now, my gut tells me this is a three-star film, and hopefully not the last time we see Downey Jr as ol' Shellhead.
EVERYTHING is different in the Marvel universe after the alien attack on New York that formed the centrepiece of last year's billion dollar ensemble extravaganza The Avengers.

From the rambling opening monologue from Robert Downey Jr's Tony Stark, it's pretty clear that this third solo instalment isn't even going to attempt the stratospheric heights of its weighty predecessor  nor is it going to follow the superhero formula it established with the first two Iron Man films.

By turning down the scale by a factor of about 100, director Shane Black puts the focus right back on Robert Downey Jr as billionaire reformed playboy Tony Stark, at times at the expense of superhero theatrics in the famous flying suit.

When the movie starts, Tony Stark is lost in work, spending sleepless nights tinkering with an ever-growing list of iterations of his Iron Man suit.

Consumed by his desire to protect the one thing he cares about most  his beloved Pepper Potts Gwyneth Paltrow  Tony is on a verge of a breakdown  as is that very relationship.

Compounding the problem is Tony's questioning whether he really is a hero at all  or just a glorified mechanic, hiding behind the iron suit that saves the world.

With the Iron Man suits getting increasingly autonomous, the story raises some interesting questions about the very real rise of the use of drones in combat, and with the introduction of shadowy organisation AIM and Sir Ben Kingsley's villain The Mandarin, more than a few about genetic manipulation, too.

The Mandarin isn't a super villain in the sense he has mysterious powers, nor is he out to blow up the world.

His motives are much more complicated, although at first he seems to simply be a composite of all the real-life terrorist threats facing the Western world in modern times it's not hard to see why they pulled the premiere in the US after the Boston bombings, either.

There was one point  "This isn't superhero business, this is American business"  that I feared that Iron Man 3 was getting too far into rampant American patriotism complete with Don Cheadle's War Machine rebranded as Iron Patriot, however a few satisfying plot twists ensure that everything isn't as it seems.

Of course, the laughs come thick and fast both in between and during the action, with Downey's charismatic delivery again on point. It's hard to imagine anyone stepping into these shows after him, he IS Iron Man, for better or for worse.

But there is also the film's biggest problem and it's biggest saviour.

While it assumes and probably rightly so that you've been there with Robert Downey Jr the whole way, it would be hard to step into the franchise on the third iteration and feel the same attachment we all did on round one and two.

Luckily, we do care enough about Robert Downey Jr's Tony Stark we can forgive that this really isn't a superhero movie at all  more like Marvel's take on James Bond's fellow blockbuster Skyfall with an army of remote control suits in place of Q's gadgets.

Let's just hope that this isn't the last time that Downey Jr gets to take on Tony Stark, the world's most expensive boy-toy simply wouldn't be the juggernaut it is without him.

Review by Jesse Kuch. Iron Man 3 is out in cinemas nationwide now. Tony Stark actor Robert Downey Jr., Gwyneth Paltrow, Don Cheadle and more Marvel actors are scheduled to walk the red carpet at the Hollywood premiere of “Iron Man 3? Wednesday evening.

Hero Complex readers can watch the premiere live, streamed from Disney’s El Capitan Theatre in Hollywood at 6 p.m. PDT, in the video below.

The film, which opens in theaters May 3, pits Downey’s genius billionaire superhero against the Mandarin Ben Kingsley — one of the archvillains in the Iron Man comic books — and introduces several comic characters to the big screen for the first time, among them brilliant biologist Dr. Maya Hansen played by Rebecca Hall and Aldrich Killian Guy Pearce, the founder of the brain-trust organization AIM.

“Iron Man 3? is directed by Shane Black “Kiss Kiss Bang Bang”, who takes the reins from “Iron Man” and “Iron Man 2? director Jon Favreau.

Returning cast members include Downey, Paltrow as Stark’s ladylove Pepper Potts, Cheadle as Stark’s pal Col. James “Rhodey” Rhodes and Favreau as bodyguard Happy Hogan. Also walking the red carpet are stars of last summer’s blockbuster hit “The Avengers,” including Chris Evans, Samuel L. Jackson, Tom Hiddleston, Jeremy Renner, Mark Ruffalo, Clark Gregg and Cobie Smulders, as well as Stan Lee and Anthony Hopkins.

Wednesday night’s premiere follows Downey’s worldwide tour promoting “Iron Man 3,” with stops in Seoul, Moscow, Munich, Paris and London.

Watch the premiere live at 6 p.m., and check out scenes from “Iron Man 3? in the gallery above.

The fight between Walt Disney Studios and movie theater chains over how to split revenue from ticket sales for the much-anticipated "Iron Man 3" is getting uglier.

On Tuesday, Regal Entertainment -- the nation's largest theater owner with 7,000 screens in 540 locations -- yanked standees, movie posters and other marketing materials for "Iron Man 3," said a source familiar with the dispute who asked not to be identified.

The dispute has put a cloud over what is expected to be one of the biggest movies of the year. "Iron Man 3" premieres May 3 and Disney is holding a star-studded premiere Wednesday night for the film in Hollywood.

Last week, Regal and AMC Entertainment decided to stop selling advance tickets for "Iron Man 3," contending that Disney was seeking an excessively large take of the box office revenue -- up to 65%.

Cinemark, the nation's third-largest chain, also is not selling advance tickets for "Iron Man 3," according to a review of online ticketing service Fandango.

The demand for a bigger cut is not just for "Iron Man 3." Disney also wants better terms on other movies as well. Studios typically collect 50% to 55% of ticket sales, depending on the movie.
Although Disney has declined to comment on the dispute, studio executives contend Disney is justified in seeking improved revenue splits to offset the rising cost of making movies. Its contract with exhibitors has remain unchanged for seven years, during which the company has made significant investments in acquiring and developing new properties from Marvel Studios and Lucasfilm.

But theater executives maintain that Disney's demands are untenable. AMC's Chief Executive Gerry Lopez told The Times during the CinemaCon convention last week that Disney's stance "puts us in a very, very uncomfortable situation."


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