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Course Outline

Course                                     Senior English (English IV)


Instructor                                  Danny Oswalt








                                                (link available through school website)


Credit                                       1 Carnegie Unit – Required for Graduation


Text                                         Elements of Literature:  Literature of Britain,


                                                Sixth Course, Holt Rinehart and Winston,




Classroom                                Room 125


Class Periods                           1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th  – Senior English


Conference Period                    7th period and after school until 3:00 P.M.


Required Materials                   3-ring binder


                                                Five tab dividers


                                                Ruled index cards (4x6)


                                                Filler paper (wide rule)




                                                Flash drive (for saving documents)



I.  Course Content


I will give or have already given you a daily schedule of activities.  This schedule is long, but fairly complete.  There will occasionally be changes to this schedule, so please keep it in your folder and bring it with you everyday.  If you miss a class, this schedule will help you see what needs to be covered.



II.  Attendance and Tardies


It is very important that you strive to avoid missing ANY days.  I know that’s not always possible, but when you miss class, you always miss something.  It will be your responsibility to complete all make-up work and assignments in a timely manner.  More will be said about make-up work in a moment.  As for tardies, you need to be in this classroom and in your seat at the tardy bell.  If you are in the restroom, you’re tardy.  If you’re at your locker, you’re tardy.  The penalties for being tardy are outlined in the student handbook.



III.  Make-up Work


If you miss the day before a test, you will be expected to take the test upon your return to class the following day.  If you miss on a test day, you will be subject to taking a make-up test on the Tuesday following the missed test (after school).  Make-up test will test the same content, but the form of the questions may be changed.  Unexcused absences on test days will result in a “zero” for that test.  DON’T MISS A TEST!



IV.  Outside Readings


I will be making four assignments for outside reading this year.  I know many of you do not enjoy reading for one reason or another.  It is, however, an important skill.  The books I have selected are not too long and are intended to appeal to a wide-range of interest.  I hope you will resolve in your mind and heart to read each one this year.  I will give you an order form shortly.  If you need a copy of one or more of this year’s books, this form will need to be completed and returned to me with your money by Friday, August 17.  I know that’s short notice, but I need to place the order as soon as possible.



V.  The Research Paper


During the third-nine weeks, we will complete the research paper.  This is often a daunting task, but it is made easier if you will take each step in the process one-at-a-time.  In order to receive a passing grade for the year, you must complete the research process.





"The Orange Sheet"



            This sheet can be used throughout the entire school year as a tool to help you evaluate where you stand in respect to grades.  Grades are the responsibility of each student.  The sheet will assist you in seeing what remains to be covered in a given grading period.  Bring this sheet with you every day!


                A reminder, you must have a 70 average to receive credit for the class.  If you have 60-69 and if you are recommended by the teacher, you may attend summer school during June.  You will NOT, however, be allowed to participate in Commencement Exercises.




1st 9-weeks


Grammer Review/¶ing                          _____                                   


History of the Language                     _____


Beowulf                                                 _____


Eulogy                                                   _____


Becket                                                    _____


The Hound of the Bask.                      _____   


Daily Average                                      _____


Extra Credit                                            _____   


Average                                                 _____ (40%)


2nd 9-weeks


Foundations for Life Essay                                _____


The Canterbury Tales                                         _____


Prologue                                                                _____


Anne of the 1000 Days                                       _____


Henry VIII Essay                                                  _____


Hamlet                                                                   _____


War of the Worlds                                                _____


Daily Average                                                      _____


Extra Credit                                                            _____


Average                                                                ____(40%)


Semester Exam                                                     ____(20%)


1st Semester Average                                             _____


3rd 9-weeks


Bib Card/Prelim Read                           _____   


Notecards                                              _____


Rough Draft                                          _____


Renaissance                                          _____


Oliver Twist                                          _____


Research Test                                       _____


Harry Potter (Book 1)                        _____


Daily Average                                      _____


Extra Credit                                            _____   


Average                                                 _____(40%)


4th 9-weeks


Restoration/18th Century                                     _____


The Romantics                                                     _____


Research Paper Speech                                       _____


Research Paper (Final Copy)                              _____


Research Paper (Final Copy)                              _____


Pygmalion                                                            _____


Lord of the Flies                                                  _____


Daily Average                                                      _____


Extra Credit                                                            _____


Average                                                              ____(40%)


Semester Exam                                                   ____(20%)


2nd Semester Average                                          _____


1st Semester Average                                           _____


FINAL GRADE                                                     _____