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Size: 609.24 MB
Date: 5 days ago
Tags: video, shows, television


House Of Cards Torrent. House Of Cards Download. House Of Cards Online. House Of Cards. Watch House Of Cards Online. Download House Of Cards. Watch House Of Cards. Image Copyright. Netflix Original Series, House of Cards.
from the very first episode.
filled with shifting political alliances, enemies, and adult situations. It has conflict within the national leadership, favors (both political and otherwise), aspirations for power, and an entire cast of anti-heroes that you can’t help but secretly cheer for.
outbid the traditional networks to run this series as it was being shopped around and something magical happened.
has been our preferred way to watch television shows.
TV series.
The writers and directors really did a great job of keeping little real world details in the show. A touch of the mundane is used to to balance out the fiction.
The character interactions keep you guessing as alliances are formed, broken, and reforged.
They have a lot of real-world media personalities playing themselves (how meta).
The first 13 episodes were released at once. I hope more series move to this format as traditional media loses it’s grip on first run original content.
The acting was fantastic – I really enjoyed the performance of the entire cast.
If you were from another country, you would swear everybody in the US owns an iPhone, iPad, or iMac (or one of each). The product placement is a little heavy handed and I doubt this will change in the future. I’m a user of all of those devices, but I’m not so naive to think that not a single Android or Windows device would be used in Washington.
Father, Husband, and a GeekDad of 3 Girls. A Technologist for The Nerdery by day and an Alpha Geek by night: Wargaming / Painting, LEGO, Roleplaying, Boardgames, and Writing.
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