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Each student is expected to be successful in school.  To be successful requires investing QUALITY time in assignments both in the classroom as well as at home, remaining FOCUSED during instruction, showing RESPONSIBILITY for what is required to meet assignments and meeting ALL DEADLINES.

Tools For Success:  Loose leaf Notebook Paper (lots of paper), writing tools (sharpened #2 pencils, BLUE or BLACK pens only, a dictionary, a thesaurus (both of which may be purchased from an area Dollar Store,  3 composition books (not a spiral notebook with 3 dividers) coloring pencils (pack of 12 is fine.)

SPECIAL NOTE:   Portfolios are prepared and maintained by each student.  This is an excellent tool for "reflecting" on what has been covered as well as a perfect "mirror" to measure quality and growth. 

DAILY ASSIGNMENT:  Every student is required to  read 25 Self-Selected Books each  school year.  Students are highly encouraged to read at school each day for 20 minutes100 minutes),  EACH sudent will read at hone for a total of 30 minutes each day 210 MINUTES = 210 MINUTES !



A Glance At Our Day!

Welcome to Our Day in Language Arts at Gwynn Park Middle School:

MOD 1 : 7:45-9:16  (Planning)

MOD 2 : 9:19- 10:45 (Honors Class)

MOD 3:  10:51-11:32/ Split Lunch  (Multi Level Learners)

Lunch  :  11:35 - 12:05

MOD 3: Class Resumes 12:08- 12:51

MOD 5: 12:54-2:22 (Multi Level Learners)

Dismissal:  2:25