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There was a child went forth

There was a child went forth
Learning from everything
Beginning to experience life
The excellent and the horrible

Observing the homeless in the streets
Sleeping in cardboard boxes
Begging others for food or money
Dressed in old, smelly rags

The fell of nasuea after a party
Head spinning, Head aching
The taste of liquer dangling on her tongue
Falling asleep in a large soft blanket alone.

Trying to block out the yelling
Of her angry mother
Hiding under her blanket
Falling asleep to her horrid lullaby

Her grandfather in his coffin
Everyone around her crying
While her tears never fell
The cancer had finally won.

The new love of her life
The first tender kiss they shared
Holding each other while watching movies
A relationship that refused to last

The peppermint smell of Christmas morn'
The presents ripping beneath her fingers
Laughter of close friends and family
A heart filled with joy

Actually smiling for the first time in months
Holding the hand ofthe one she loves
Praying it works out this time
The taste of her lips, its so innocent

Looking at pictures that bring back memories
Laughing and crying and wanting them back,
Happy they happened
The good and the bad.

The experiences and memories formed
A girl who is still a child in so many ways
That will go forth everyday.