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Rip out my heart, and stomp on it a bit.
Don't fret now endwhat you started to do.
Come on sweetheart I can take one last hit.
You really could have just mentioned we're through.

You have been killing me for so long babe.
Come on darling look at me, still love me?
Come here, take a look at what you have made!
This said sight of me is bringing you glee.

Cut me out of your life okut of your heart,
Now that I am bruised,battered,and screaming.
Go 'head and throw me around like a dart.
You look down at me freakishly gleaming.

Face destorted love do you want to mourn?
Yell it would be grand if I was not born!

Italian Sonnet

She blights me with those big beautiful blue eyes.
Her smile makes me tremble and my knees weak.
To her I am her angel that is meak.
If I could just take back all of my lies,
I would give her all the stars in the sky.
I wish I had not let her secrets leak.
I may go insane I am on the breek,
Without her in my life I wil just die.

Standing here my black heart is her's to take,
And she takes it for some reason unknown.
After all the pain and grief I caused her,
Our tainted immoral love has grown.
I hope it never ends for my own sake.
She will always be my secret lover.