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Gina Gammon

"The Week of September 3, 2012"

Standard: 2

Evaluate factors that impact individual growth and development in areas related to self-understanding, personal decision-making, communication, and interpersonal relationships.

Chapter 3 "Your Friendships"

Section 1-Friends

Section 2-Peer pressure


Students will learn how to make new friends. They will also learn how to be a good friend to the friends they already have, and how to deal with changes in friendships. Students will learn how peer pressure can affect their decision-making process. They will learn how to stay safe by saying no to high risk behavior.


Journal writing, graphic organizer-refusal skills and peer pressure, brochure: peers and decision making process, posters: how do friendships begin and peer pressure., word detectives, describing wheels, vocabulary, questions, vocabulary puzzles, study guide Ch. 3, rubrics, and Test Ch. 3