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Child Lifespan Development ← Back to All Pages

Gina Gammon

"The Week of September 3, 2012"

Standard: 2

 Analyze the role of the family and social servicesn support systems in meeting human growth and developmental needs

Analyze parenting roles across the life span.

In this weeks lesson:

Chapter 3 "Building Strong Families"

Sections 1-Family Characteristics

Section 2-Parenting Skills

Overview: Students will learn about the importance of families and the qualities exhibited by strong families. Various parenting styles are discussed and students learn how parents meet children's varying needs, including providing appropriate guidance and discipline.

Assignments: for week of Sept. 3

Journal writing, Power point Notes Ch. 3, Graphic organizer-family structures and qualities of a strong family, posters-family structure and the family life cycle, vocabualry and questions for the chapter, word detectives, describing wheels, exit cards, Study guide Ch. 3 and Head Start Lab and activities.