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SchoolRack is an all-in-one solution giving teachers all over the world the ability to easily extend their classroom to the internet.

SchoolRack comes with a variety of tools to make storing and sharing information online a breeze for teachers.

Build your Website
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It’s simple to publish your content online, no technical knowledge is required! You can even access and update your website from home, school, or anywhere else in the world!

Upload Files
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Upload assignments and files to your website for students and parents to download and print using their home computers.

Mailing Lists
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Send email messages to multiple people at once. No need to memorize or keep track of email addresses, we store them on our end so you have nothing to worry about!

A Variety of Themes
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Customize the look and feel of your website with custom-made themes, or create your own from scratch!

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Maintain a calendar for due dates, days off, and other school-related activities. (SchoolRack Plus only)

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Create your own photo slideshows with your favorite pictures, inside or outside of the classroom! (SchoolRack Plus only)

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