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Date: 10 days ago
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Download Elementary. Elementary Torrent. Elementary Download. Elementary. Elementary Online. Watch Elementary. Watch Elementary Online. Elementary has always been wonderful in showing the different sides of Sherlock Holmes’ sometimes purposely hidden humanity.
In the last episode, we were shown just what the precinct thinks of his and Watson’s deductive help in solving cases, and it wasn’t good. Gregson had to defend his use of Holmes’ brilliance under the caveat that as long as he’s catching bad guys and closing cases, he can be as abrasive as he needs to.
Only this time, Sherlock’s abrasive, “steal first, damn the consequences” attitude got someone seriously hurt. I’ve always wondered with all these shows where some brilliant Sherlockian consultant helps the police how legal any of those cases – where said consultant trampled all over due process to get the bad guy – really were. I’ve been screaming since season one of The Mentalist that no case they touched would ever stand up in court, and it seems like Elementary – and bless them for dealing with it early where Mentalist waited a few season to admit it – is willing to say, yes, our hero breaks the rules and now he’s paying for it.
Sherlock’s had no qualms about telling people that his methods are all that matter when they end with catching a killer, and if he has to be a bastard along the way, so be it. Some sleazy insurance salesman has information about the death of one of his clients and won’t give it up? Easy, Sherlock steals his cell phone and finds out he’s a parolee and casually threatens to tell his boss.
Doors to suspects apartments locked? Pick the locks. But when pissed off sleazy insurance guy gets fired and comes looking for Sherlock for revenge, it’s Detective Bell who gets gut-shot trying to save Holmes and might loose his career as result of the damage.
This episode takes a hard look at Sherlock’s methods and forces him to do the same. He knows he’s brilliant and he knows his methods get results, but when he’s forced to realize is that he’s not an island unto himself anymore. People – Watson, Gregson, Bell – who care about him are int he direct line of fire of the consequences of his hubris.
So, it is a huge step for him to go to Bell in the end and tell him that he he could have done things differently that would have prevented the detective’s injury and while it’s not an official “I’m sorry” it’s about as close as Holmes can come. Bell isn’t interested and you can’t blame him.
Another consequence of Sherlock’s “methods” – he may very well drive away the few friends he has.
Will Bell get back in fighting trim for the force? Probably so. Will he ever have the same rapport with Sherlock, maybe not. What I’m worried about is even though Watson and Holmes caught a break with the Commissioner deciding not to fire them, will Gregson be as forgiving of Sherlock’s antics later? And will Watson finally have enough of his refusal to bend in his methods?
I guess we’ll have to wait and see.
Next time on Elementary, Sherlock considers being a sponsor for another addict. I wonder what his “uplifting and positive” speeches sound like?
Elementary airs Thursday December 12 at 10/9c on CBS.
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