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Letter To Parents

Dear Parents:


The following is an overview of the Career Choices curriculum that your freshman student will complete this year.  This curriculum is a comprehensive guidance career exploration course designed for 9th grade students.  This class is designed to raise students’ expectations and provide a roadmap and vision of what it takes to complete high school graduation, set their sights on college or some other form of post-secondary education. 


The coursework will include personal development, educational achievement, and a projection of career and life skills.  This format will motivate students to envision a future that is productive, achievable, and stimulating.  Students should recognize the value of education and be challenged to strive for higher achievement.


The grading system in this course is based on completion of four areas: journal, workbook, projects, and participation. A rubric is designed which will help students understand evaluation points for each area. Grading is designed as a motivational and evaluation tool.


Career Choices is an exciting, academically based curriculum which will reduce drop-outs, help students acquire skills to navigate life, and make transitions.  Students will make choices that will project them toward a life of self-sufficiency through education.


I strongly believe in this freshman transition class.  The administration has seen the success of such a program.  If I can be of help or for more information, please contact me.




Dorothy Rao