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Keenya Jackson

Our Inspired Classroom Assignments and Activities

May 20, 2015

7:10-7:40 Morning Work

A. Work with your learning community to make a poster for the fifth grade parade congratulating the fifth graders. The words should be large enough for them to see from a distance when they walk by. 

B. Math skill sheet-This is long division with remainders! Try to see how many you can do.

C. Facebook skill sheet on a Hero of Democracy.

D. Incomplete Work

Math Instruction

Group A: Math PowerPoint Activity-Read through the PowerPoint and complete the questions at the end. (Edmodo)

Group B:  Math Padlet Response

Group C-  Jigsaw Activity on Edmodo

Modeled/Shared Reading

Group A- Energy from the Sun

Focus Skill- Reading for Understanding

Language-Adjectives Task Cards

Group B:  Let’s Go Rock Collecting

Focus Skill-Making Connections 

Language-Parts of Speech Task Cards

Group C- Gravity

Focus Skill-Making Connections 

Language-Reading Science Jigsaw on Edmodo

Independent Work-Take the survey about the reading story you read in your group. Click the link below:

Links and Websites


Classroom Links:

Multiple Intelligences Test Website:


Math Survey



Reading Padlet Posts

Math Padlet Posts

Social Sciences Padlet Posts

Language Padlet Posts

Chatterpix Padlet Posts




Reading Websites:   Rennaisance Home Connect (Use your username that you use for AR. The password is 12345678)
Skills to Practice:

Math Websites: (Links for a variety of math skills and grade levels)

Place Value
Number Patterns
Balloon Pop Math Skip Counting
Pattern Blocks:
Math Facts:

Research Sites:   Randolph ES Media Center Resources

Science Websites:

Social Studies: (Georgia regions) (Georgia regions)  (Georgia regions) (Georgia regions) (Georgia rivers) (Landforms) (Georgia's Rivers) (Branches of Govt.)

Technology Websites:

 Internet Safety: