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My Life

My lfe is only  what I make it

Whether I do wrong or right

       it's my life

If I make something of myself

Even if I dont do anything worthwhile

Its my life

Maybe I will be a model like Tyra Banks

Maybe I will be a singer like Beyonce

or maybe not

It's my life

My apology

I had

the last

slice of chocolate cake

that you

were saving

for your coffee

I'm sorry

but it was

so sweet

so moist

Why These Arms

Look at them hanging there

Without a worry ... not even a care

Its like they laugh and even giggle

As they swing ,sway and jiggle

They sem to get bigger and bigger

They never quit

Not one shirt will they easily fit

Yes there's color some light,some dark

Wait, those are just strech marks

I'd love another set,that's a fact

These arent just short, they're also fat

Just look at them hanging there

Without a worry, not one care

The Eyes Have It

Can you see

What I see

When I look in the mirror

They stare back at me

They're big and hazel brown

They're open with promise,and

so round

They're always wandering it seems

of bigger and better dreams

They're bold,bright, and perky

Sometimes they're even flirty

They seem to be having so

Much fun

Now I can see far, far, and beyond

So, can you see what I see

When in the mirror, they look

Back at me