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Lesson Plans

Check files for plans.  The attached calendar is a plan for the Six Weeks.  Occasionally a unit may take slightly more or less time than planned.  Semester Exams, Holidays, and Flex Days are on the Hardin ISD Calendar.

Grading Policy

Grade is calculated by:

50%  Tests & Major Assignments         

50% Daily Work

Tests & Major Assignments will include Tests, Vocabulary Tests, Projects, & Journals

Daily Work will include homework and classwork

A grade of "missing" means the assignment was not turned in and is calculated as a zero until it is completed.  A blank space means the assignment has not been graded, or the grades for that assignment have not been entered.  A blank space is not calculated into the average.

Daily Work needs to be completed within 3 school days of returning to class.  Tests need to be completed within 5 school days of returning to class.

Late Work

Assignments for the grading period are posted in the classroom daily.  It is the student's responsibility to make up any missing assignments.  Quizzes and class work missed should be made up within 3 school days of returning to class.  Tests missed should be made up within 5 school days of returning to class.  Assignments may be made up during after school detention.


Test dates are announced in advance.  Students are exepcted to take the test on the assigned date.  If a student misses class on the day of the test, a grade of "missing" will be entered into the computer.  It will be changed when the student takes the test.  Makeup tests may be taken after school during detention within 5 shcool days of returning to school. 

Tests are cumulative and timed.  Studets will not be allowed extra time to complete a test unless and emergency arises during the test.


Homework will be due at the beginning of the class.  The weekly homework grade will be determined by the students demonstrating at least 3 problems for the class each week.  The problems will be worked completely on the board and the student must be able to explain the solution if called to do so.  A student must demonstrate 3 problems on the board.  If a student is absent and cannot complete 3 problems, they may turn in the complete assignment for the day missed to make up the problem.

Weekly Homework Grade Policy

3 problems per week    100

2 problems per week      70

1 problem per week        35

0 problems per week        0

Dorothy Claus

Hardin High School in Hardin, TX