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Constanza Lermanda

Flashcards, worksheets and Activities

This site is from Discovery Channel and you can find free lesson plans, classroom tools such as a puzzlemaker and other free resources.

 This website is specially made for children's education. You will find flashcards, worksheets and activities in different subjects or topics. There is also a lot of printable material.

 Here you will find lesson plans, phonic book, short readings and grammar activities which are separated by topic. There is also a forum in which you can discuss different teaching issues with other teachers.

This website is exclusively for young learners. From cross-curricular projects to testing materials, it has everything to help you out in your classrooms. Simply select  a course from the range below to find out more about our online materials.

 In this site you will find free resources, builders, texts, lessons and activities related to the book "Inspiration" from MacMillan English.

This is a resource from the British Council site, which is made specially for kids. Parents can download ideas for using flashcards at home with children. Teachers can find tips and ideas for using flashcards with learners in the classroom.

Another site from the Discovery family, just for kids. You can find games, videos and Discovery Kids' shows.

This site includes theme units, puzzles and other resources for math, reading comprehension, social studies and science, among other subjects.

In this site you can find downloadable worksheets and activities, ideas and classroom techniques and a bunch of interesting information about improving your teaching and your English.

Podcasts and Listening Resources

This site contains thousands of children's songs, lyrics, sound clips and teaching suggestions. Tracks are distributed according to subjects and different topics.

I think this is the best site for listening comprehension. The recordings are classified according to difficulty. It also includes listening quizzes, vocabulary lessons and other listening resources.

This is a very useful resource to develop listening skills. You can listen on your computer or download mp3 files to play anywhere. It contains material for elementary students, intermediate students or advanced students, no matter they are kids or adults.

It is a good source of popular songs and lyrics. It does not only contain listening material, but also recipes, sayings, speaking practice, study tips, etc.

If you are teaching American Culture or American socials tudies, this web page will help you perform a fun class by telling history through songs.

This site is specially made for kids and it has many EFL TPR songs. Each song has its own dance or game or can be combined with any of the game ideas on this site to make English really come alive. They are a great way to introduce new ideas, to review lessons or even spice up a boring textbook.

Pop music to teach and learn English. There is a section for students with some llnks for fun activities and another one for teacher with helpful information to teach.

Reading Resources

In his site you can find reading activities for students of any age and a teacher's area with support material to help with lesson planning.

Here you will access to Reading lessons, full books, passages, reading assessment, worksheets and more.

In this site, there are some tips and ideas to exploit stories in class. 





Good to Know....


If you are interested in learning more about education, and ESL/EFL teaching, you might find some guidance in the following webpages:     The U.S. Department of Education's site.

Site of the Program "English Opens Door" from the Chilean Ministry of Education.   Chilean curriculum's site. 

Department for Children, schoold and families. An UK Government's site. A site from the British Council and BBC.

This is an excellent with all kind of activities and lesson plans. 



Dictionaries  (translator)