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Rules and Procedures

Classroom Procedures

Mrs. Candi Lauderdale



1.  When you are tardy:  Come to my desk.  I will have tardy sheet available.  I will fill

      out information.  I will follow the policy in the handbook concerning tardies.  If you

      are with a teacher you MUST bring a note to class when you enter the room saying

      that you were with that teacher.  Otherwise, you will not be allowed to leave room to get a note and it will be counted as a tardy.


2.  Coming into the classroom:  You are to quietly come into the classroom.  DO NOT stand at your desk or around mine.  You are to be seated at your assigned seat immediately when you walk into the classroom.  Class will not be dismissed until the bell rings so do not get out of your seats until that time.


3.  Bringing proper supplies to class:  Each day you will need to bring your

     binder and a pen/pencil.  You WILL NOT be allowed to leave class to go get material you  have      forgotten to bring. 


4.  Respect teacher and other classmates at all times:  Everyone is entitled to an

     education.  DO NOT show disrespect by interrupting others conversations or belittling other’s remarks.  Students will NOT talk while the teacher is lecturing.  Sleeping is NOT allowed in this classroom.


5.  Keep hands, feet, and objects to yourself:  Do not bother anything that does not

     belong to you (backpacks, papers ,thermostat, etc).   My desk is off-limits.  DO NOT touch anything on it without permission.  If you need to borrow a pencil, just ask!


6.  Have water/office/locker and other needs taken care of before class:  You will

      receive 4 hall passes per semester.  At then end of each 9 weeks, you may use up to 2 unused hall passes to add points to your grade. 


7.  Make-up work:  You are responsible for making up any missed work.  If you do not  make the work up within 2 days, you will receive a 0.  This includes test.  Test will

     be made up every day in after school detention  from 2:45-3:30.  You are responsible for

     making this work up.  I will not remind you.  You must make arrangements for

     transportation home after you complete your make-up work.


8.  Stay in your seat:  It is distracting to everyone when someone is moving around the

     room unnecessarily.  Sharpen your pencils as you enter the room and hold any trash

     you might have until the end of the period.


9.  Do not write on desk or walls:  The room is clean and neat and I expect it to be thisway everyday when you arrive.  Writing on walls or desk is vandalism and will be

     treated as such.


10.  No food or drinks in the class:   It is against school rules to bring food or drinks   

       into the classroom.  Food and drinks must be eaten at break.  Do not bring it into

       my classroom.



Classroom Rules


1.  Follow the directions the first time they are given.


2.  Do not use vulgar or offensive language.


3.   Most importantly, no student shall keep others from learning!




If you choose to break a rule:


First Offense- Fourth Offense:  Warning by teacher-write up in discipline log

Third Offense:  Teacher/student conference *Parents will be notified

Fourth Offense:  Referral to Assistant Principal (begin disciple ladder)

Severe or Continuous Disruption:  Student sent immediately to the office


Rewards for Good Behavior


Praise (daily)

Positive notes home (random)

Field trips


Various other positive perks throughout the school year




I have read and understand Mrs. Lauderdale's classroom procedures, rules, consequences, and

reward plan for this year.


Signature__________________________  Date________________




I will be fair and consistent in administering the discipline plan for this classroom.


Signature____Mrs. Candi Lauderdale________________Date______________________