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How can I best prepare for Spanish?

 Print out and complete the Spanish 1 Vocabulary following the directions which follow.  First, go to files and find and then download the file titled:  Spanish 1 Vocabulary for practice.  Print it out.   In the second column, to the right of the words in Spanish, try listing as many English translations as you can, without looking the words up on Google, in a black or dark blue pen.  List the translation only if you are 98% sure of the translation and spelling.  Next, using your Spanish dictionary (not Google Translate!) , look up all of the words in the first column, and correct the English equivalent in the second column with a GREEN PEN ONLY.   If you made a mistake, or, if you couldn't guess, write this word in GREEN.  Now, take some time.  Study, walk away.  Have mom, dad, a friend,, your neighbor...quiz you.  After you have spent some good quality time with the vocabulary list from the first chapter covered in August, it is time to see how well you retain Spanish Vocabulary.  So, now.....hiding the first column (cover it, fold it behind), see which words you can list in the third column in Spanish by looking only at the English, without peeking at the Spanish in the first column (remember, the first column is Spanish, second is English, then third is Spanish, then forth is in English again).  Write words you know as well as your middle name, if you have one, in black or blue pen.  Don't forget to list the articles (el, la, los, las, etc.).  Then, check your answers, making corrections in green, and filling in words you wanted to peak at in green.  Take a break, walk away from the list and shoot, maybe go for a walk.  You see, to really be successful in learning a new language, you must learn the words, not memorize them for a test.  Spanish is what we call a cummulative subject.  If you forget part 1, you can't really complete part 2.  I hope that makes sense. Now, hide the first  and second column and try and fill in the forth column's translations without looking.  You look, you cheat yourself.  List all the words you know without peeking in black or blue pen and the ones you need to look for in green.  Now make flash cards for all the words that appeared in green in the last two columns and you are set to get 100% on all vocabulary tests in Spanish 5, first Etapa.  Feel good about it.  Try the same with the 1.1 Vocabulary and work through the 29 pages, Etapa through Etapa.  Great job.  Buen trabajo. 

Prácticar los a,b,c s

¿Está Ud.  listo para sentarse conmigo y recitar el alfabeto en español?  Si no, entonces, debe Ud. estudiar y prácticarlo con este sitio en la red. 

Ud.  va a sentarse con tu maestra (22/08/13) o jueves (23/08/13) para asegurarse que se puede decirles como escribir palabras en español. 

While you are reciting, no "ums", no "can I start overs", and no hesistations longer than 5 seconds for an "A".  YOU CAN DO THIS!!  25 points

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