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6/15- Tomorrow is the last chance to turn in any missing work!

6/14- Turn in Religion Final Exam Study Guide and any other work you are missing

6/13- Bring in Religion Final Exam Study Guide to hand in, if you have not already done so

6/12- No Homework

6/9- No Homework

6/8- No Homework

6/7- Final Exam Tomorrow

6/5- Review for Final Exam

6/2- Review for Final Exam

6/1- Review for Final Exam

5/31- No Homework

5/30- Finish Ch. 13 and Answer Question 5 on the Worksheet

5/19- No Homework

5/18- No Homework

5/17- Reading Quiz is now tomorrow (did not have Religion today)

5/16- Reading Quiz Tomorrow on Ch. 7

5/12- No Homework

5/10- Field Trip Tomorrow!

5/9- No Homework

5/8- No Homework

5/5- Finish Ch.3 and read Ch. 4 of "Prince Caspian" then finish the reading questions

5/4- No Homework

5/3- No Homework

5/2- No Homework

5/1- Finish essay tonight, if you have not already done so.  If you do not have it tomorrow, it is late

4/28- Essay Test Monday

4/27- Essay Test Monday

4/26- Essay Test Monday

4/25- Finish pages 370-375 if you did not do so in class

4/21- Pages on Ordinary Time in religion book

4/20- No Homework

4/19- No Homework

4/18- No Homework

4/7- No Homework

4/6- No Homework

4/5- No Homework

4/4- No Homework

4/3- No Homework

3/31- No Homework

3/30- No Homework

3/29- No Homework

3/28- Pg. 318-321 due Tomorrow

3/27- Test Tomorrow

Pg. 318-321 due Wed. (the actual assignment is on 321 but students should read/look at the other pages as well)

3/24- Finish Unit 5 Review, if you did not do so in class

Test Tuesday

3/23- Test Tuesday

3/22- Test next Monday or Tuesday

3/21- Test next Monday or Tuesday (I am sorry that I keep pushing it back- things, like snow days last week, keep coming up)

3/17- Submit PP Monday, if you did not do so today

Test next week

3/16- PP due tomorrow

Test next week (due to snow days it will probably be later in the week)

3/13- PP due Friday

Test next Tuesday

3/9- Quiz Monday

3/8- Quiz Monday

3/7- Quiz Monday

3/6- No Homework

3/3- No Homework

3/2- No Homework

3/1- No Homework

2/28- No Homework

2/27- No Homework

2/24- Finish Elizabeth Ann Seton reading and questions if you did not do so in class

2/23- No Homework

2/22- No Homework

2/17- No Homework

2/16- No Homework

2/15- No Homework

2/14- Quiz Tomorrow

2/13- Quiz Wednesday

2/10- No Homework

2/8- No Homework

2/7- No Homework

2/6- Finish reading 244 and doing that activity on 246

2/3- No Homework

2/2- No Homework

2/1- No Homework

1/31- No Homework

1/30- No Homework

1/27- No Homework

1/26- No Homework

1/25- No Homework

1/23- Test Tomorrow

1/20- Test moved to Tuesday (did not end up having class today due to celebration in the afternoon)

1/19- Test Monday

Prayer Service Tomorrow

1/18- Test moved to Monday

Prayer Service Friday

1/17- Test Friday

1/13- pg. 219 questions due Tues.

Test next Friday

1/12- Study for Midterm

pg. 219 questions due Tues.

1/11- Study for Midterm (it is tomorrow)

1/10- Study for Midterm

1/6- Review for Midterm

1/5- Review for Midterm

1/4- Review for Midterm

1/3- Begin Reviewing for Midterm

12/22- Midterm Study Guide (optional)

12/21- No Homework

12/20- No Homework

12/19- No Homework

12/16- No Homework

12/15- No Homework

12/14- No Homework

12/13- No Homework

12/12- Finish religion pages if you did not do so in class (187: questions 1 and 2, 188-189: all)

12/9- No Homework

12/7- No Homework

12/5- Test Tomorrow

12/2- Test Tuesday (Monday is being used for Christmas Concert rehersal)

12/1- Test Monday (study guide was handed out today and we will finish going over it tomorrow)

11/30- Test next Monday

Questions about Faith Healing Articles (articles can be found on my weebly web page-

11/29- Test next Monday

11/28- Chapter 11 Review (this should not take more than 10-15 minutes at most)

11/22- No Homework

11/21- People who have mass parts should practice forWednesday

11/18- No Homework

11/16- No Homework

11/15- No Homework

11/14- Quiz tomorrow (pep rally will not interfere with Religion)

11/11- Quiz Tuesday (moved because we did not have a chance to review today)

11/10- Quiz Monday

11/9- Quiz next Mon.

11/4- No Homework

11/3- No Homework

11/2- No Homework

11/1- Vocation posters due tomorrow

10/31- Vocation posters due Wed.

10/28- Vocations poster final drafts due Wed.

10/27- Test tomorrow

10/26- Test Friday

Vocation poster drafts due tomorrow

10/25- Test Friday

St. Francis reading and questions (reading on my weebly)

10/21- Test next Friday

10/20- No Homework

10/19- No Homework

10/18- No Homework

10/14- No Homework

10/13- No Homework

10/12- No Homework

10/7- No Homework

10/6- Finish pg. 92-95 for Friday

10/5- Test Tomorrow

Finish pg. 92-95 for Friday

10/3- Test Thurs.

9/30- Test Thurs.

9/29- Test next Thurs.

9/28- Finish St. Anthony reading

9/26- No Homework

9/23- Finish page 59, if you did not do so in class

9/22- No Homework

9/21- Quiz Tomorrow

9/20- Quiz Thursday

9/19- Quiz Thursday

Finish Chapter 2 Review, if you did not do so in class

9/16- Quiz Wednesday (moved back one day)

main topics- characteristics of the world in which Jesus was born, symbolism in the gifts of the magi, and symbols in the Baptism ceremony

9/15- Quiz Tuesday

9/14 No Homework

9/13- No Homework

9/12- No Homework

9/9- No Homework

9/8- Visitations to Mary and Joseph drawings

9/7- No Homework

9/6- No Homework

9/2- No Homework

9/1- No Homework

8/31- First Religion class tomorrow!