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6th Grade Social Studies • Back To All Pages »


6/15- Have a great summer!

6/14- Finish worksheet on coca farmers, if you did not do so in class

6/13- No Homework

6/12- No Homework

6/9- Good job!  Enjoy a stress free weekend!

6/8- Final Exam Tomorrow

6/7- Final Exam Friday

6/5- Review for Final Exam

Essay Question for Final:

What is one common strategy (in a general sense) that governments both past and present, ancient and modern, use to maintain control of their people? You must mention at least three governments.

6/2- Review For Final Exam

6/1- Final Exam Review (Final is 6/9)

5/31- Begin filling out Final Exam Review Sheet

5/30- Inca Textbook HW due tomorrow

Final Exam next Friday

5/19- Test next Friday

5/18- No Homework

5/17- No Homework

5/16- No Homework

5/15- No Homework

5/12- No Homework

5/10- No Homework (tomorrow, there will be work that can be finished for extra credit)

5/9- No Homework

5/8- No Homework

5/5- No Homework

5/4- Mini-Test Tomorrow

5/3- Mini-Test Friday

5/2- Mini-Test Friday

5/1- Mini-Test Friday

4/28- Mini-Test Next Friday- study guides went home today

4/27- Aryan Invasion Homework (read the packet pages 59-61 and answer the questions)

4/26- No Homework

4/25- No Homework

4/21- No Homework

4/20- China Test Tomorrow

4/19- China Test Friday

4/18- China Test Friday

4/7- Fill out study guide for China Test (if you have time)

4/6- Essay Revisions due Tomorrow

4/5- Essay Revisions due Friday

4/4- Essay Revisions due Friday

4/3- No Homework

3/31- No Homework

3/30- Finish all of the documents in the DBQ

3/29- Finish Document 4 if you did not do so in class

Hand in any work you are missing

3/28- Work on Essay Re-Writes/Revisions due Tomorrow

3/27- Work on Essay Re-Writes/Revisions

3/24- Work on Essay Re-Writes/Revisions

3/23- Work on Essay Re-Writes/Revisions

3/22- Finish Questions at the end of the "Commissioner Lin" primary source if you did not do so in class

Essay Revisions due next Wednesday (they are mandatory!)

3/21- No Homework

3/20- No Homework

3/17- Essay due Monday

3/16- Quiz Tomorrow

Essay due Monday

3/13- Quiz moved to Friday

Essay due next Monday

3/9- Quiz next Tuesday

3/8- Quiz next Tuesday

3/7- Quiz next Tuesday

3/6- No Homework

3/3- No Homework

3/2- No Homework

3/1- No Homework

2/28- No Homework

2/27- No Homework

2/24- No Homework

2/23- No Homework

2/22- Quiz Tomorrow

2/17- Quiz next Thursday on Ancient China through the Han Dynasty

2/16- Quiz next Thursday

2/15- Quiz next Thursday (I momentarily forgot that we have a long weekend, so having it Tuesday would be rather hard)

2/14- Quiz next Tuesday

2/13- No Homework

2/10- No Homework

2/8- No Homework

2/7- No Homework

2/6- No Homework

2/3- Finish answering questions about Qin Shihuangdi (based on the T-chart of positives and negatives)

Questions: What do you think his personality would have been like?  What kind of person was he?

Was Qin Shihuangdi overall good or bad for China?

Each answer should be a short paragraph in which you clearly describe your opinion AND defend it with evidence.

2/2- No Homework

2/1- No Homework

1/31- No Homework

1/30- No Homework

1/27- Finish reading, highlighting, margin noting, and answering questions for the worksheet on "The Analects" (if you did not do so in class)

1/26- No Homework

1/25- Chinese Geography HW was due today, but I will take it tomorrow

1/23- Chinese Geography Textbook HW due Wed.

1/20- Quiz Monday

Extra Credit on Modern Greece due Monday

1/19- Quiz Monday

Extra Credit on Modern Greece due Monday

1/18- Quiz Monday on Modern Greece

1/17- Quiz next Monday

1/13- No Homework

1/12- Study for Midterm

1/11- Study for Midterm

1/10- Study for Midterm

1/6- Begin studying for the midterm

We will finish going over the study guide in class next week, but students can still work on trying to fill out that parts of the study guide that we have not yet covered using their notes, worksheets, assignments, and textbook.

1/5- No Homework

1/4- No Homework

1/3- No Homework

12/22- Midterm Study Guides Handed Out (optional- midterm not until 1/13)

Test Corrections

12/21- No Homework

12/20- Test Tomorrow

12/19- Test Wednesday

12/16- Test next Wednesday

12/15- No Homework

Test next Wednesday (study guide will be handed out tomorrow)

12/14- No Homework

12/13- No Homework

Test next Wednesday (study guide will be handed out later this week)

12/12- Finish Paragraphs on Greek Philosophers (one paragraph for each- Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle)

12/9- No Homework

12/7- PP on Greek God/Goddess due Friday

12/6- No Homework

12/5- Greek History Textbook HW

12/2- No Homework

12/1- Greek Geography Textbook Reading and Questions

11/30- No Homework

11/29- Finish Packet on Greek Myths, if you did not do so in class

11/28- No Homework

11/22- No Homework

11/21- Many students need to finish their test tomorrow which they can do in science

11/18- Test moved to Monday (class was canceled on Wed. due to the pep rally going long and we needed to finish the study guide)

11/16- Test Friday

11/15- Test Friday

11/14- Test Friday

11/11- Test next Friday

Get to the last page in the Indus Valley Webquest, if you did not do so in class

Indus Valley Extra Credit Assignment (optional)

11/10- Test next Friday

11/9- Test next Friday

11/4- No Homework

11/3- No Homework

11/2- No Homework

11/1- Mini-test tomorrow

10/31- Mini-test Wednesday

10/28- Mini-test next Wednesday

10/27- Mini-test next Wednesday

Reading and questions about farming in Egypt due tomorrow

10/26- Mini-test next Wednesday

10/25- No Homework

10/21- No Homework

10/20- No Homework

10/19- No Homework

10/18- No Homework

10/14- No Homework

10/13- No Homework

10/12- Test Tomorrow

10/7- Test next Thursday

10/6- Test next Thursday (because of mass tomorrow we will not have a chance to finish the study guide for Wed.)

10/5- Test next Wednesday

10/3- Quiz on Archaeology Tomorrow

9/30- Quiz on Archaeology Tues.

9/29- Quiz on Archaeology next Tues.

9/28- Quiz on Archaeology next Tues.

9/26- No Homework

9/23- No Homework

9/22- Quiz Tomorrow

9/21- Quiz Friday

9/20- Quiz moved to Friday

9/19- Quiz Thursday

You can redo the map, if you would like- I will have blanks in class tomorrow

9/16- Quiz Thursday (moved from Wed.)

rewrite either the "30 Days" or the "Columbus Bias" homework assignments if you want to improve your grade

9/15- Finish labeling world map, if you did not do so in class

Quiz next Wed. on map and general themes

Re-write HW paragraphs about "30 days" if you want to improve your grade

9/14- No Homework

9/13- Finish reading sources about Columbus, and writing paragraphs about the bias there-in, if you did not do so in class

9/12- Answer the following question about the video in a well developed paragraph:

To what extent is Dave successful in adopting an insider perspective?  Please give evidence from the video to support your arguement.

9/9- No Homework

9/8- No Homework

9/7- No Homework

9/6- No Homework

9/2- No Homework

9/1- No Homework

8/31- Welcome to the middle school!