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Spelling and Reading Words ← Back to All Pages

Beatriz Zenoz Pujol

Week of: 10-03-17


Spelling Words        Reading Words

 1.  flap                                   my

 2.  plan                                   come

 3.  clam                                   pulls                      

 4.  flip                                    be                       

 5.  slip                                    will                   

 6.  clip                                   good                     

 7.  slim                                   likes

 8.  flag                                   has                  

 9.  black                                 out                          

10.  slick                                 with                   

                  *I was not able to change the words over the weekend, since their system was down. I will be giving the spelling and vocabulary test on Monday, October 9th, so they have more time to study...:)

               Vocabulary Words

     1.  dinosaur - a reptile that lived millions of years ago

     2.  companion - an animal or person who is often with you

     3.  popular - something or someone liked by many people 

     4.  groom  - to wash an animal or brush its fur 

     5.  jovial - very happy